Jan 03 2013

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Sandy Hook Children go back to School after Massacre

It must be extremely difficult for all the Sandy Hook children to go back to school today, even if they are going to a different school in a different town. It is hard to believe that everyone is going back to school in that town three weeks after the massacre, though you will never hear about those who refused to go to school on U.S news. That would seem too much like a protest, or a controversy and cause unwanted questions or embarassment to school officials and town and state administrators, who are all basking in the light of their new found fame and heroism. The absurdity of the administrators of the school system is that they think recreating the Monroe school into a replica of the original Sandy Hook Elementary School is a great idea. Why would anyone want to be reminded of the massacre of 20 of their schoolmates? By decorating the school in the exact same way the original school was decorated would certainly bring back horrid memories of the massacre.

I have to wonder at the sanity of those who came up with that idea and why they are allowed to work with children. Hundreds of grief stricken volunteers and mourning administrators, teachers and students, all pouring out their grief into building an exact replica and a memorial of the scene of the massacre in a neighboring town. One would think that changing everything about the school would be a better idea, than recreating the same school that 20 first grade students got massacred in. I’m sorry but the entire plan of recreating the old school is deranged,and the Sandy Hook Elementary School children are going back to school too soon after that horrific massacre.

If I were a grieving parent or even a resident of Sandy Hook I would be questioning the mental stability of those in charge of the school system. But no one is publicly questioning anyone about this massacre or the mental or emotional competence of the teachers or administrators still suffering from tramatic stress.

Veterans Today.com website recently exposed many disturbing contradictions of the Sandy Hook Massacre investigation. The first most disturbing contradiction was that the coronor’s report stated all victims were killed with an assault rifle, but Adam Lanza the alledged shooter did not have an assault rifle with him, it was found in the trunk of his car unused. Lanza only had two loaded pistols with multiple ammo clips. The second odd contradictiion to the official investigation of the shooting was that another man was found and arrested in the wooded area near the school at the time of the shooting. He was dressed in camoflage and a black face mask. He supposedly told the police he had nothing to do with the shooting, but very little about this man was announced publicly and has since gone completely out of the news, as has the entire investigation.

The Sandy Hook Massacre is being allowed to go down in history with 911 and all the other covered up investigations, that lead directly to a government or international conspiracy, including the most recent mass murder in Aurora Colorado. Why would anyone do such a thing you might ask? My answer is why does our own government deliberately poison millions of its citizens as it does now with floridated water, deadly vaccinations, chemtrailing the atmosphere with radioactive and metalic particles? Why does our government allow poisons and radiation to polute the sky and ground and water, and oil to fill our oceans, and allow the production and distribution of unlabeled GMO foods and cloned meats that cause national pandemics of heart disease, Diabetes and cancer? Why does our government allow the grand theft of trillions of taxpayer dollars by U.S and foreign banks and corporations?

It is sad to say that Americans just don’t get it. Americans are being massacred daily on our roadways, in our cities, towns, workplaces, homes and even in our hospitals. The complete disregard and contempt of the American people by our Congress was most apparent when they refused to vote yesterday on the long overdue disaster relief bill, that would give financial relief to hundreds of communities and to millions of Americans; whose lives were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy and hundreds of tornados and massive storms that recently devastated many regions of the U.S.

Today begins the 113th U.S Congress and the swearing in of our elected officials. It is ironic that it would be the first day of school for the returning children of Sandy Hook Elementary School. It is ironic that the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre happened at the same time 50 million American people were trying to feed themselves and their families though the holiday season on food stamps and unemployment checks, and concerned about falling off their personal Fiscal Cliff if the government suspended unemployment benefits to 2 million recipients.

As the parents of the children of Sandy Hook send their children back to school today, and the rest of Americans who are not unemployed go to work, little if anything will be remembered of the Fiscal Cliff negotiations or the Afghan War, or Iraq, Pakistan or Palestine or the 60,000 lives lost in 2012 in Syria’s civil war. Everything is so easy to forget, especially if we are not reminded. Within days Sandy Hook will be forgotten by most Americans when some other insane act of violence or some great moronic, domestic or miltiaristic government action goes into effect like the new tax increase on wage earners, and Obama nominates John Kerry and a few more idiots into his Cabinet and Administration. The entire U.S media and government are designed to limit information to the masses and continue all cover ups and incompetence as usual. President G.W Bush made the most articulate statement of his presidency the day he spoke to the people of New York City,as he stood on the rubble of the WTC the day after 911 and said, “Don’t worry go shopping.”

L.A. Steel

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