Jan 01 2013

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New Years Day 2013


The weather is cold and cloudy here today, but it doesn’t really matter. It is an international holiday, so there isn’t much to do since most businesses and liquor stores are closed. I thought it was funny that the news this morning announced only once in a two hour show that, “We’ve fallen off the fiscal cliff.” But all of a sudden we still have a chance to save ourselves if the Republicans in the House pass the Senate bill.” The fiscal cliff really doesn’t happen for a few more days, and can be stopped by making the bill retroactive to 12/31/12.”

So what does all this mean? It means the American people have been forced to believe that as of today everything in America fiscally falls apart, but no wait, that isn’t true anymore we are told, by everyone who said it was true. Now we have time, but the House Republicans are the same people who refused to vote on any bill, so what will make them vote on this one regardless of its last minute timing? This was announced once and not mentioned again for the rest of the programs on any station. Every program was devoted to hangover cures, fashion faux pas, celebrity chefs, and anchormen or women competing with each other as to who is most stupid.

I don’t know if the news media world wide is as dumbed down as the U.S news media, but I pity everyone if it is. We have without a doubt the dumbest down news in the world. Everyone in the network news industry must qualify as certified idiots to get their jobs. Today I watched 3 network morning new programs none of which had any news. It appeared that all the news writers had today off and left maniquin like celebrity anchormen and women staring stupidly at their monitors waiting for something to say or read. Then their directors mercifully cut away from them to focus on some horrible out of key singing celebrities and amateur celebrity chefs makes something disgusting no one wants to eat, and some poorly dressed designers or stylists show all the department store overstock fashions no one wanted to buy in 2012 and tries to convince the viewers that they are the new trend for 2013. For over an entire hour no one on any network gave any news today. You would think that the world stopped but every news reporter or anchor wore dumb smiles and waved, they didn’t even give a weather report.

So this is what we can expect for the new year. More of nothing from the media as we slide over the cliff, and more of nothing from Government. I believe everything and everyone stopped today and no one really cared. The Mayans predicted the collapse of all old systems during this time. Most people aren’t concerned about the Mayan prediction and more concerned with their hangovers, or are relieved the holidays are almost over. The work week starts tomorrow for most of the world, and everyone will date everything the rest of this week as 2012. I still believe the world has transcended dimensions and we are all living in 4D. Proof of it is that no one knows what they are doing today or going to do today except to celebrate it as the first day of the new year. Everyone is dreaming up a resolution or plan of action to follow for 2013. My advice is to skip the planning , enjoy the rest of today, get used to 4D living, and trust your heart and soul to direct your pathway into the new year.

Happy 4D New Year,

L.A. Steel

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