Aug 31 2005

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A Bridge to Somewhere


I was watching television today and saw an endless stream of refugees from the devastation of New Orleans walking over a remaining bridge. I couldn’t understand where they were going. It seemed like they all had one destination in mind, thousands of people walking toward somewhere.

Never in my lifetime have I witnessed so many Americans in such desperation. Never have I felt the sadness, loss and abandonment of so many people at one moment in time. The Tsunami was horrible, but it was far away in a different country, a different culture, a different hemisphere. These refugees were Americans, people like myself. I suddenly realized I couldn’t hide behind distance or culture or indifference any more. Except for the geographical difference they were me. People walking toward somewhere, something, but could never turn back or return home.

I envisioned myself on that bridge to somewhere, rebuilding my dreams as I walk. Rebuilding my resolve to survive, wondering if I would survive as I fought back my fears. Hoping to find water, food, clothing and shelter .Walking alone except for the poor and homeless walking next to me, and I no better off than they , plagued with mind numbing memories of everything lost, hoping my prayers will reach God and that I am not forsaken.


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