Jul 29 2005

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The Great American Idiot


Democracy Now.Org cited a new poll, asking American’s if Karl Rove should be fired. 50 percent said they thought he should be fired, 25 percent were not following the Rove story closely enough to answer the poll question, and 25 percent of those polled never heard of Karl Rove. I think we have a problem.

The results of the 2004 election, (though proven fraudulent), showed about half of the eligible voters in the U.S actually voted. If you take 10 percent away from that for voting machine fraud, which gave Bush the election, then real statistics show about 40 percent of the U.S eligible voters actually voted. Based on this recent poll, one has to wonder if most of the voters in the 2004 election even knew who or what they were voting for. .

The entire concept of a democracy is that those who are governed by this system of government are to be responsible enough and intelligent enough to understand who and what they are voting for. It is very obvious from the outcome of the 2004 elections, and the results of the recent poll, that the U.S does not function as a democracy, but rather an oligarchy. It is obvious to at least 25 to 30 percent of the eligible voters in the U.S, and to most of the intelligent people around the world, that very few people vote for and influence the leaders and the policies of the United States.

Scott Ritter was the first weapons inspector in Iraq and fell out of favor with the Bush administration when he stated publicly, that there were absolutely no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. In a recent speech of Mr. Ritter’s that I attended he also stated, and I quote,” The American people are the most stupid people on the face of the earth!” I was slightly offended by his remark because I fully understood what he meant in the context of his speech. He was right. The American people were completely fooled by the Bush administration and their congress and continue to be. Mr. Ritter also stated that ‚ÄúThere is absolutely no valid reason for the U.S to be in Iraq and no reason for one drop of blood to have been shed.”

Mr. Ritter understands very well the American intellectual prowess, (or lack of ), better than most. He also stated, when asked by an audience member, if he would lead a movement to challenge the Bush administration and the current congress; that he was not able to place his life on the line to lead a movement to impeach Bush and Cheney, and have them tried for high crimes and treason; because he felt the American people were not ready, that they are too complacent and apathetic to be willing to follow him, and that the American press and media would try to destroy any attempts to form a mass movement against the Bush administration and the current congress. I had to swallow hard on his statements, because I had to ask my own conscience if I was angry enough and willing enough to sacrifice my life and freedom for the sake of an indifferent and blissfully ignorant people, who haven’t enough interest in their country to even vote for its leaders. I came to the conclusion that Mr. Ritter was right. What right did I have in asking him or anyone to lead a movement that I myself could not fully commit to lead, or even join?

I must admit that I am still struggling with that need for full commitment to the worthiest of causes, but I still falter at the last step onto the threshold of revolution. I still question my own commitment and courage, in the light of inevitably being jailed or attacked or maligned by the media and ridiculed by those who would be against me. How can I disavow the safety of my own loved ones, or my friends or faithful followers? Politics is a very ugly reality and revolution and change can be even uglier if violence is engaged in. If I and others are to ever cross that threshold of revolutionary change, then we must first envision the beauty of liberty and justice and what the American dream was intended to be, and still can become. I am nearing that vision but can not yet see it in its entirety. It is my hope and dream as an American citizen, that someday I will see the vision completely, and have the courage and commitment of the original Americans; who wisely set their course of action and allowed Providence to take its course in revolutionary events letting fate decide who would lead the revolution as an architect , a warrior, an enemy, or not be involved at all.

I started this essay by declaring the existence of an American idiot. I am that idiot as are all Americans who allow themselves to remain uncommitted or completely indifferent to American politics, and to allow without complaint or protest the destruction of the United States by the Bush regime and the current, compliant and contemptuous congress.


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