Oct 11 2012

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It’s happening again. The Republicans have left the Democrats flatfooted and looking stupid. It reminds me of Lucy and Charlie Brown with the football. Everytime poor Charlie gets ready to kick the ball Lucy pulls it away from him and he falls flat on his back. One would think the Democrats after 30 years of falling on their backs during elections and debates would learn, but maybe that’s asking too much of Democrats. There seems to be an inherent stupidity that besets Democratic candidates and their campaign staffs. Either they trust that their Republican opponents will play fair, or they simply aren’t smart enough to remember their own history of failures. The Republicans never play fair. Either they rigged the e-voting machines or payoff the Voter Registrars or they purge the voter registries in battle ground states like Ohio and Florida. It happens every election cycle and for some odd reason Democrats still don’t get the fact, that Republicans always use negative advertising, alway lie, and always try to rig elections.

After reading several reviews and factcheck.org regarding the debate, I found out the reason Obama failed so miserably in his debate with Romney. It was because Romney lied and changed his policies 37 times in the 90 minute debate. Obama was so confused at the barrage of lies and changes of Romney’s rhetoric that he became virtually numb and had no comeback other than to say that Romney’s plans “lack basic arithmetic” or “Mr. Romney has said one thing in all his campaign speeches and now he’s saying never mind.” Romney apparently won the debate by not debating anything substantive and denying everything he has campaigned on previous to the debate. Obama was so confused, he couldn’t land one solid punch. Imagine practicing your debate performance for a week with experts based on the debate style and campaign speeches and stated policies of your opponent, then finding out at the debate that your opponent has changed his policies and continually attacks you with so many lies you don’t know where to begin to defend yourself. It’s a great tactic, and sold well with 50% of the mindless sheeple who watched the debate, but if anyone knew anything about either candidates before the debate and did any research after the debate, they would realize what a complete liar Romney is. The Republicans really do not have any coherent policies in their campaign platform, other than their apparent hatred for Obama, their desparation to win the Whitehouse,and to end funding for Public Television and fire Big Bird.

After hearing the Right Wing rhetoric of Rush Limbaugh and other Republican mouthpieces this week, I realize how they herd their audiences and the Republican base so well. They lie and mislead and say absolutely anything and their massive conservative audiences will agree with them and believe them. It doesn’t matter how stupid or insane or deceptive their statements are. Conservative talk show hosts and their mindless listeners are the same people who vote for Republicans. They despise all constitutional,legal, or ethical standards and regulations unless it affects their twisted religions or their right to bear arms, or stands in the way of their greed. It is obvious to anyone who knows anything about American politics, that most Republican campaign rhetoric, policies and practices are deadly to Americans, and are solely based on election rigging, hypocrisy, misanthropy, and their seething hatred of Democrats and 99% of the American people.

L.A. Steel

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