Sep 08 2012

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Like the other twenty or so million television viewers I watched Barack Obama’s speech Thursday night. I was so unimpressed I couldn’t write about it for several days. I didn’t want to outright reject his speech, but I couldn’t accept it either. Everything he said he would do , except Obamacare wasn’t done. He continued the Bush/Republican wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and began other conflicts with Libya and Syria , retained all rendition policies and did not close Gitmo or any other special prison set up by G.W. Bush. He continues to send ceaseless drone attacks over Pakistan, he continues to bow to the Israelis, he continues to allow the Republicans to stall any intelligent legislation, and he allowed all the Bush criminals to walk away and all the bankers after they robbed the American taxpayer and government of trillions of dollars and wrecked the world economy. He reappoints Ben Bernanke as Chairman of the Fed and keeps all the bumbling financial and military idiots in his Cabinet and staff of advisors. He may be a “hard working president” but what I can’t understand nor it seems can anyone else, is what is he working at?

I am reminded of the great tight rope walker Walenda as he recently walked across Niagra Falls without a net. The only difference between Obama and Walenda is Walenda knew exactly what he was doing and calculated perfectly each move he had to make to accomplish his amazing feat. Obama makes things up as he goes,(like his speech). After the remarkable rhetoric heard from Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama all he would have had to say was “Listen to them”,but instead he felt he should recap what they said and try to be inspirational. He succeeded at the first and failed miserably at the second. The only thing in this election that makes him electable is exactly what makes Romney unelectable. The fundamental belief of Romney and Republicans is “The rich should get richer and the poor should get poorer.” The fundamental belief of Obama is “The poor should get richer and the rich should get poorer.”
I see nothing wrong with Mr. Obama’s basic ideal of the rich paying a greater percent in taxes and the poor paying less however, how hard is Mr. Obama really fighting for the poor and middle classes considering he has refused to indict or punish any the criminal banksters and Bush Administration thugs, who got the country into the greatest financial and military disasters we have ever been in. I loudly criticized G.W Bush’s use of Executive Orders and signing statements, but Mr. Obama has signed 943 Executive Orders since he has been in office for 3 ½ years, which is more than G.W. Bush signed in his 8 horrid years in office.

The destruction of our Constitution is nearly complete under Obama’s presidency. Ironically Obama was trained at Harvard Law as a Constitutional Lawyer. What began as outrageous attacks against our rights and freedoms under G.W. Bush’s regime has taken on tyrannical proportions and censorships of news and the internet, rights of Free Speech and Free Assembly have been severely crippled under the Obama presidency. The Fourth Amendment right of warrants and protection against illegal searches and seizures has been completely ignored by Obama’s administration. Jobs have been decimated under the current economic system. Actual unemployment in the U.S is over 20% surpassing that of the Great Depression. But what everyone seems to conveniently forget is, that the U.S now has over 300 million people,200 million more than in 1929. 20% of 300 million is 60 million people. 25% of 100 million people is 25 million. It would appear by proof of simple arithmetic that more than twice as many people today are unemployed than were at the height of the Great Depression.

So where does that leave us Mr. Obama? Where do we go from here? You’re the great cheerleader of “Hope and Change” well, since you came into office you have shattered the hopes and dreams of tens of millions of homeowners who suffered or are suffering foreclosures. You have violated the rights and hopes of all Americans who speak out against your incompetent policies and war mongering methods of dictatorial madness. Where is your leadership Mr. Obama? I haven’t seen it. I don’t see it in your opponent either. All I see is the great void facing the American people. Unless you can miraculously part the sea of despair now drowning 99% of Americans I see no future for you as President. I am horrified at the thought of a Romney presidency also,but it doesn’t matter who wins the election, because regardless which one of you become America’s leader America will remain lost.

L.A. Steel

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