Nov 22 2006

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HUNGER (and the first L.A. Steel Internet Show)

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HUNGER (and the first L.A. Steel Internet Show)

This essay was inspired by the following article we read on our new internet radio show, that began last night 11/22/06.

USA DISSES UN HUMAN FOOD RIGHTS. (PLENGLISH.COM) United Nations,Nove 18 (Prensa Latina) The government of President George W. Bush shamed the United States into international isolation after it rejected a UN resolution defending the human right to food.

After a week of UN debates on humanitarian affairs, US diplomats were the only ones to vote against a resolution supporting the Right to Food. The related text was sponsored by an unusual majority of 131 countries, and another 44 UN member states yesterday voted in favor.

Diplomats at the debates agreed the US delegation’s stance ignored the right of every person to not suffer from hunger. The approved proposal reaffirms “hunger is a disgrace and violates human dignity,” they sustained.


It’s the morning of 11/23/06 Thanksgiving Day in the U.S when the majority of the people in the country are making pigs of themselves. Today Americans try to ignore the rest of the world, having spent millions and perhaps billions on traveling to “Grandma’s House” to stuff their faces for the next two or three days.

I’m writing this as I smell the turkey cooking, and have just been assigned the duty of making my mashed potatoes and turnip, onions special. I’m writing this in anticipation of sitting down in a few hours to enjoy a feast. I do feel guilty, I do feel bad that I can’t share the food with a starving individual. I do feel bad when I think that most of the country is doing the same thing.

I feel miserable that the USA dissed the UN Human Food Rights Resolution. I have tried to do some more research on this resolution to find out why the U.S diplomats refused to agree to it. I have to wonder if this was a one-way deal. Did the U.N expect the U.S to feed the entire world? Did they expect us to be the world’s great humanitarian service? I don’t know yet, but I hope to find out more about it before tonight’s program.

I’m sure that Europeans are enjoying food today and every day. I’m sure that most people around the world have ample food however, I also am certain that millions and perhaps a billion people in the world do not have ample food today, and maybe tomorrow as well. The new label for Hunger is now Food Insecurity. For some reason I can’t see a starving child crying to his mother “I’m Food Insecure.” or
” I’m severely Food Insecure.”

It’s globalist, New World Order, mass mind manipulation. After the wonderful television display of the Macy Day Parade live from New York with the Rockettes, and all the helium floats and happy people from the suburbs gathered along the parade route until they go home. Everyone with a home or shelter and a place to share a meal in the U.S will eat a Thanksgiving meal. Those approximately 3 million homeless and 30 million ‚ÄúSeverely Food Insecure” in America won’t be sharing in the festivities. That’s the American Way. The Republican and Democratic way. That’s the happy American middleclass tradition.

I’m happy to have that privilege of being a middleclass American. I am happy not to be traveling on this holiday. I’m very happy to know that many Americans feel as I do, and will still be able to enjoy Thanksgiving Day with food and family and friends. I’m grateful to all the many good hearted people who are working in the food kitchens and food pantries around the country today feeling the need to help their fellow men and women have enough to eat at least today. I am certain that few if any Americans with the exception of G.W Bush and his entire administration want people anywhere to go hungry. I’m certain that most Americans, even as they bear their own burdens of debt and illness and hardships feel great empathy for all who are” Hungry” today, and any day in the U.S and around the world.

God blesses so many and seems to ignore so many as well. Perhaps he does this to test those who are blessed. Perhaps those who are blessed must understand this to continue to be blessed. All I know is that I am grateful to God and to my fellow Americans that I can enjoy this day with them . As I prepare my special mashed potatoes for company today I will be thinking about those who I cannot share it with. Perhaps just a thought of them in honest sincerity and compassion might be enough for the Universe to smile upon one family to receive a blessing today, and have enough to eat.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers I hope you enjoy this day. If you are having anxiety about getting through Turkey Day think for a moment about those who aren’t enjoying the day. Imagine being a retail clerk in a department store tomorrow on America’s Black Friday. If you are working in retail tomorrow I wish you well.


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