Nov 08 2006

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The supposedly new and improved Democrats have just won the majority in the House of Representatives. What does this really mean to most of America? I so want to believe it might make a difference, but I can’t get excited about the prospects of any great changes being made to the United States. One significant change that may effect Americans is that blue may become the color of American fashion, instead of red. I have noticed the recent trend, that the color red has fallen out of favor with the American public.

I have a red jacket that I often wear during the fall and early winter. I’m thinking of getting another , but not red this time. I’ve had the jacket for three or more years. I liked it when I bought it and still do. It’s classically styled , but I don’t know if it’s fashionable anymore. I don’t know if blue is really fashionable either. I don’t see too many blue jackets or even blue shirts anymore. Plaid is never overly popular for some reason. I think Ronald Reagan was the only man I ever saw who owned a plaid suit. I have an older, wool, red and black plaid, hunting jacket I like to wear once and a while. I’m embarrassed to say how old it is.

The Democrat or Republican Party coming into political favor are much like fall and winter coats. It seems that Americans take off one party and put on another party the same way they change their coats. We seem to get a new red or blue one every four to six years. The media makes certain that the world is made aware of the new American fashion trend, and criticize each new politician, as a collar or button or zipper; that is either too bold or too simple, too under or overstated, or is a definite poor choice and needs immediate correction. Any choice of colors outside of the blue or red spectrum is ridiculed and condemned by all critics and the media, as a horrible fashion faux pas.

I’ve never paid too much attention to current clothing fashion trends; unless I find myself in need of a new coat or other apparel. I prefer nothing too flashy, unless I really want to make a statement. I find it easier and more affordable to just be myself. It often speaks louder to an audience than an Armani suit. Most liberals and Democrats play down the establishment look. They call it” reverse snobbery”. It is a very popular trend amongst the liberal fashion elite, as well as the fashionably unenthused.

I think if I were invited to a Democratic victory celebration for one of the newly elected, I would wear that attire. It would adequately express how I truly feel. I would feel unimpressed, not very enthusiastic, and uneager to indulge in the art of schmoozing. Actually if I were invited to a Democrat or Republican victory celebration I think I would just decline the invitation.

I was invited to a Democratic fundraiser several years ago. A $250.00 a plate dinner and a chance to meet all the Democratic big shots in New England. The ticket was paid for by a real Democratic enthusiast, but I just couldn’t muster up the enthusiasm to want to hob knob with Ted Kennedy, Joe Lieberman, John Kerry or any other Democrat. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have gone to a Republican fundraiser either. It just had absolutely no appeal to me. I know I offended my friend, who very rarely speaks to me anymore, but I knew I could have never spent more than 30 seconds with any of these Democratic Icons without showing disgust on my face. I have a very poor poker face, unless I’m drunk and wearing dark sunglasses. I honestly felt that was the only way I could get through that event, and I didn’t want to embarrass my friend. He found another friend to go with him and they had a great time. I was happy that it worked out well for everyone.

The United States has a new blue coat for at least the next two winters. It will take the American voter two more years to decide what hat and accessories to wear with their new coat, or if they need to buy another coat, because they no longer like their new blue coat. Regardless what color or fashion trend is in vogue I still like my jackets and will keep wearing them. I’ve decided not to buy another for a while. A classic quality coat, unlike political parties, never goes out of style.

L.A. Steel

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