Nov 01 2006

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How appropriate, how Rovian it is to have Bush’s Skull and Bones brother and third cousin John Kerry, suicide bomb the Democratic lead in the midterm elections. Has anyone considered the possibility that the “Democrat’s Designated Loser” John Kerry would deliberately insult the American Military, on the last day of October. Why would he do that you might ask? Because that is what he does. That is what he is. He’s a designated loser. His claim to fame in 1971 was his loser stance of his indictment before the Congress of his fellow soldiers, as “war criminals” in the Vietnam War. In 2004 he decided to run for President. He was the first candidate to announce, and before the Iowa Caucus he was polled at 25 points behind front runner Howard Dean. He was even running behind Al Sharpton.Suddenly out of nowhere Kerry wins the Iowa Caucus with the help of the political suicide of Dick Gephardt. Major questions arose from the Iowa Caucus upset that have never been answered.

One: What was the deal Kerry made in Iowa?

Two: Why was Howard Dean such a threat to the Democrats, or was he?(See my archives for (Howard Dean the Judas Goat) article.

Three: Why did the press jump all over Dean’s famous yell and destroy his candidacy, then Dean was given his current position as Head of the DNC.

Four: What happened to all the money Dean raised and never spent? $90 million dollars was reported earned during his campaign, when he dropped out of the race after the New Hampshire Primary. $40 million was reported spent. $10 million went to Joe Trippi as campaign manager and $30 million was reported spent on the campaign. That leaves $50 million unspent and according to U.S campaign laws the candidate can keep what has not been spent.

Five: What happened to all the money Kerry raised and never spent? $90 million dollars were raised, again only $40 million was reported spent on the campaign. What happened to the other $50 million. Did it go into Kerry’s pockets? Yes it did. It seems that $50 million is the price for a Democratic candidate to concede from a Presidential race and throw a Presidential election.

Six: Why did Kerry immediately concede when he was well aware of the voter fraud in Ohio and Florida. If he would have demanded a recount in either state he would have exposed the Republican fraud and won the election; but instead he cowardly conceded with $ 50 million dollars in his war chest. I guess that wasn’t enough money for him or else his job for Skull and Bones isn’t finished yet, and he runs again in 2008. The sad truth is there are many idiot Democrats who would send him more money.

Kerry was totally complicit in the destruction of the Democratic Party, after his statement yesterday and his insistence that he will not apologize is all the proof Americans need to indict him as a traitor to his party and a traitor to America. As for the Democratic Party they are full of traitors and incompetents, as is the Republican party. I dislike and distrust both political parties. I understand the system and I understand what John Kerry is. He is a culprit of complicity , a Skull and Bones man , a member of a satanic order founded at Yale University for the sole purpose of creating leaders, that will bring about the New World Order; and owe their lives and sole allegiance to that order and the Brotherhood. Kerry and G.W Bush are both frat brothers of Skull and Bones, as well as third cousins. John Kerry is the” designated loser “of the Democratic Party. His total career has been designed to disgrace the Liberal agenda in American politics, and to insure that there will always be a division in the Senate; between those senators who take their oath of office seriously, and those who are there to disrupt the proper flow of government. In his 25 years in the Senate Kerry has done virtually nothing of note, other than sponsor and co sponsor a handful of bills. What is his real purpose in the Senate? Why has Massachusetts continued to re-elect him? Don’t the voters of Massachusetts see what the rest of the country sees? Obviously not. Many Connecticut voters refuse to see the insidious behavior of Joe Lieberman, or John Rowland, or Chris Dodd or the incompetence of Jodi Rell, our current Republican Governor, and her numerous corrupt appointees, as well as the congressmen, and members of the Democrat controlled state legislature, and all other elected positions held too long by the same people, Secretary of State, Atty General, Treasurer and Comptroller.

Kerry must be brought to his knees by the American public. They must see him for what he is, after his recent remarks about the intelligence level of the U.S Military. I think they do see him for the traitor and fraud that he has been all along. Until the people of this country and the Democratic Party rid themselves of the “Designated Loser” menace, George Bush SR and Junior and Kerry and other frat brothers will keep the people of the United States in their death grip. Expose Kerry and Bush for who and what they are, and their hellish hold on America will be released. Expose the criminals in our government and the media who cover up their crimes, and our country will be free of their tyranny.

Expose the secret societies; that infest our government and leech off the blood of the American Military, the labor of the American worker, and the treasure of the American people. Kerry is only one of many, bloated, well fed, blood suckers, who have burrowed their way into the flesh and blood of our society and feasted on the infected body of the United States Government. Now the once great and strong America is gravely weakened by the crippling diseases of war,corruption and apathy, and covered with unclean, festering wounds. The leeches will continue their blood fest until only a bloodless body remains or all Americans rid themselves of these bloodsuckers, who are gravely infecting the soul of our society.


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