Oct 06 2006

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The problems with the two political parties in the United States I believe are essentially medical. Democrats suffer from severe dyslexia , a reading disability that creates serious problems in their reading of legislation put before the Congress. It is the only possible reason why over 90% of the bills passing the House and Senate of the United States are not read by the Democratic Party members. This would explain why so many bills are worthless mounds of undecipherable garble that allot trillions of dollars of borrowed money to thousands of unknown sources. Many of our most exhaustive and expensive public programs such as the Energy Bill and Medicare and the Defense budget were written by lobbyists and passed by the House and Senate with little opposition. Dyslexia must be the prerequisite for Democratic, elected officials in the current U.S government.

Dementia is the only possible explanation for the policies of G.W Bush and the Republican Majority in the House and Senate. Complete and utter madness. Dementia coupled with dyslexia insures the most incomprehensible government in the world. The United States is ruled by a government that is completely incompetent and out of control. The power of an empire is placed in the hands of illiterate and demented leaders incapable of creating a comprehensive plan of effective government. American voters elect leaders who are obviously unable to read and comprehend the U.S Constitution, which they have taken an oath to uphold.

What other reason could their be that would create such complete and utter chaos? It is almost impossible to believe that an institution as large and complex as the U.S Government got that way through total incompetence. No, it has become a disaster because it has been plagued by incompetent and demented leaders of a ridiculous, impregnable, two party political system; that automatically prevents any sane individual or third political party from gaining access to seats of power. ” A madman believes his own logic and ever drives it further.” Sane and rational individuals can recognize the madmen in there government as they recognize madmen throughout their society. The problem is, how to determine what is rational and sane, if two thirds of the entire United States society has gone mad, and those they elect to office and place in charge of our government are insane.

Who determines madness? Madness is often discovered in stages of recognition. I think we as a society are nearing our final stage of madness. That stage being one of complete paranoia, obsessive compulsive greed , coupled with extreme xenophobic and pedophilic fixations. We as a society are about to implode or explode depending on the genuine influence of mad Christian and corporate evangelists, who can most effectively persuade their faith based, dyslectic, demented followers, that the end of the world is near and fascism is God Almighty’s preferred method of ruling the world.


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