Jun 07 2005

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L.A Steel Stands Against Institutional Racism in Connecticut

If they talk like racists, act like racists, and pass legislation to deny an indigenous people their federal recognition, then the governing body of the State of Connecticut is racist. Every person who is of an ethnic origin has experienced some form of racism either name calling , segregation from social circles, business affiliations, employment opportunities, even from cab drivers and grocery store clerks. Yes racism is everywhere but it should not be in the offices of local, state or federal government. Not in the United States, where elected officials are suppose to serve their constituents not deprive them of their rights and human dignity.

The Connecticut Governor and all the major elected representatives have set out on a destructive and malicious course to deny the basic human dignity and sovereign rights conferred by tribal recognition to an indigenous people The Schaghticoke Tribal Nation,who have been subjected to an ongoing historical policy of complete eradication and genocide.

A federal mandate was issued by this country’s founding fathers of a Manifest Destiny, whereby it was their White Christian God who proclaimed their right to conquer and settle all lands between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, regardless of existing people who lived on that land for thousands of years and regardless of the murder, land theft, broken treaties, and the genocide of millions of Native Americans disguised under the banner of The United States of America and Manifest Destiny. Slave owners and traders and their ancestors, heartless greedy men and women driven by avarice and misanthropy, to this day continue to commit one of human history’s greatest atrocities; the destruction and ethnic cleansing of the American Indian.

Now the state of Connecticut through its racist elected officials and representatives are denying the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation, recognized by the state for 300 years, their right to federal tribal recognition. Regardless of one’s ethnicity anyone in Connecticut who has any compassion or sense of justice should be outraged at what is being done in their names, by the high office holding bigots, against this American Indian tribe in Connecticut.


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