Apr 13 2005

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The Power of the Extreme Minority


I’ve never considered myself a mathematician but common sense and basic math skills brought me to a startling observation. If one considers that there are approximately seven billion people on planet earth and maybe one percent of all these people are involved with governments and militaries, that would be 70 million people controlling the entire world. When we further consider who controls the governments around the world we can honestly reduce the number to less than 100,000 banks and corporations, their CEOs and Boards of Directors. 100,000 x 10
(Estimate of number of active directors on each board) = 1,000,000 people who influence 70,000,000 people in government and military, which control 7,000,000,000 people around the world.

Now we must consider who controls the 1,000,000 top executives and board members of these major corporations. The only power that contains these titans of avarice is the media. Now consider how very few people control the media around the world and you have the truest common denominator. Without too much research we can probably all name 9 television news media outlets that are (influenced) not directly operated by governments. I will state the ones I know. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, ALJAZZERA, CLEAR CHANNEL, COMCAST, BLOOMBURG. I am sure that there are others not quite as well known but for the most part in the U.S as well as other countries chances are there are no more than a few major independent networks that broadcast news and entertainment.

As for the print media there are no more than 100 legitimate, national and international magazines and news papers that produce journalism and debate or commentary on current and important issues, the rest is sensationalism, gossip, nudity and crudity. These 100 magazines and newspapers are led by an editorial staff and a publisher who are controlled by one of the major media groups. So the final mathamatical deduction results in less than 100 people controlling the world media, that control the world corporations, that control the world governments, that control the entire population of the planet.

This equation is essentially the simplest way I know of to define the extremely powerful minority, who now rule over the extreme majority of people throughout the world. My theory is based on my basic math skills, people with greater mathematical skills could fine tune this formula, but I doubt the overall difference would vary too much and the results would reveal what the people of the world should already know. Too much control over this planet and our lives is held in too few hands and we of the extreme majority must understand our collective power to see through the great veil of deception and denial put upon us by the very few who comprise the extreme minority. We must take back the individual and collective control of our lives, which would render the all powerful minority completely powerless.

L.A. Steel

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