Mar 09 2005

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Barking at the Wind


I was walking my dog last night after dinner when an arctic wind began to gust and roar through the neighborhood. My dog got angry at the sound and the cold blasts of air and growled, then he began to bark at the wind. As his bark got louder I laughed at the thought of how alike he and I were. I realized that my efforts were similar to those of my noble, but foolish dog . I stand defiant against the power and madness of the U.S. Government, just as he stands defiant against the gusting wind.

It is within the experience of rational men and women to wish for change even pray for change that would benefit mankind. It is within the realm of practical possibility that a people and their government can change their minds though immersed in war and slaughter, to embrace peace and benevolent social change. It is reasonable for a man to so bitterly resent the abuses of his government’s power and fear the destruction of his country, that he may instinctively growl and express his anger in verbal defiance against the winds of destruction that carry with them the roar of hatred and madness.

Ah, but my dog didn’t care about the philosophical parallel to his master’s actions. He was expressing his anger at being so rudely interrupted by the cold blast of air. After several more loud barks he paused for a moment or two then growled his final warning to the wind, but the wind remained bitter cold and continued to roar ignoring his protest. It was then when he quickly decided that it was far more important to tend to his immediate business, than to spend any more time barking at the wind.


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