Feb 14 2005

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Can you feel the wind of change?


A cold arctic wind has been teasing the northern and New England states this winter. First it came blasting in from Canada for more than a week in December and subsided for a short while in January then came back again with a vengeance to keep Winter’s prisoners on guard and vigilant. Perhaps it’s just my blue state imagination but it seems to get coldest just when Bush announces another cockeyed plan or gives another dyslectic speech and New England loses another military base or Defense contract. If I were more suspicious, I would suspect the Whitehouse boys of playing a little political football with the millions of citizens in the states that didn’t vote for Dubya.

Oh, you might think that the great Connecticut Senators Lieberworm and Dudd (both Democrat) and the greater Senators Teddy Kennedy and John(F)Kerry would be most upset and fighting mad (reflecting the rage of their constituents) but no, instead they are happily complacent in their happy jobs, accepting no calls to their offices or giving no replies to inquiries from their constituents. They don’t have to worry until 2006 when they need our vote.

Did anyone see good ole Dubya kiss Lieberworm on the mouth ,at the State of the Union Address? Does anyone remember Sen. Chris Dudd of Connecticut holding the bible for G.W’s first inauguration, and recently we witness him grinning from ear to ear on the presidential platform in 2005. I watched Dudd a year ago on a CSPAN televised ceremony, celebrating DAN QUAYLE as a great former Vice President. Sen.Dudd was standing around shaking hands with Dick Cheney and G.H W. Bush. The Connecticut Republican Party has never supported anyone (except convicted pedophile Mayor Phil Giordano in 2000) to run against Lieberworm or Dudd , because they already have these two Democrats in their pockets. Two New England Democratic Senators who are more worthy of the Republican of the Year Award than Dennis Hastert or Bill Frist.

The cold arctic wind seems to be coming down again from Canada ( a country ruled by its Liberal Party) and the Almanac says it might stay with us through March. But I suspect it will get warm again by June or July when the Northern Blue State Patriots, begin to wake from their long hibernation and welcome back the heat of revolution.


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