Feb 11 2005

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It’s 666 Time

2/11/05   I’m not generally an alarmist. Most of the time I just look at issues that come to my attention and try to analyze them until they make sense. I try to make sense out of most but in the case of the new national ID card I was thrown for a loop.

According an article written by, Declan McCullough for news.com. “House backs major shift to electronic IDs.” The state DMV databases before issuing drivers licenses will have to include everything about everyone’s driving and criminal history in order to get federal funds to implement the national ID program..”

I can understand some need to have an authentic ID but I carry a valid one now. I have a valid driver’s license with no outstanding violations. But under the Real ID Act just approved by the House, that will not be enough to drive or fly or even cash a check unless all personal information is on the ID with a complete criminal history. Everyone with even minor violations or dismissed cases can be stopped from legally driving a car or leaving the country without clearance from the FBI or some other snoop agency.

I haven’t reviewed the bill yet but what if people are prevented from leaving their state or flying within the country, due to a certain illness or occupation or some minor pot possession or DUI or domestic charge from 20 years ago? What if John Smith’s child molestation charge is suddenly placed on all John Smith IDs because of a computer error? The theft or loss of one’s ID card could result in a permanent identity theft. This system will result in creating either a massive wave of resistance, enough to create an American and international underground economy , or Americans will do what they are prone to doing , bend over and get their national ID implanted in their asses or tattooed in some fashionable way to avoid unsightly or permanent scarring . I can see a future with computer chip implant clinics in every DMV in the country and eventually around the world. 666 is as convenient a name as any to name the micro chip implant of choice.


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