Sep 15 2019

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Ilhan Omar has been greatly maligned by Trump and the right-wing media since she was first elected in 2018 as the first Muslim and Somali refugee to become a U.S Congresswoman. Her courage, intelligence and public attacks against Trump and his racist immigration policies have made her an immediate enemy of Trump’s and the far White Right who continues to publicly attack her for her race and religion casting her as an unpatriotic, antisemitic, Muslim woman who disrespected the 911 victims. Their accusations are false. It is not true nor is anything Trump and the White far-right are accusing her of. Listen to her entire interview on Face the Nation this morning. She was honest, eloquent, and, straightforward and has my full respect for her anti-Israel statements of supporting BDS Boycott Divest and Sanctions against Israel until they give up their genocide of the Palestinians.

Anyone who has extensively researched 911 as I have these last 18 years on my radio and television programs and in my book Naked at the Mic, is convinced Alqueda did not attack the WTC. The WTC destruction was a U.S/ Israeli government orchestrated demolition of the buildings to enrage the American people to go to war with Afghanistan. A war that has lasted 18 years and cost over 3 trillion dollars and thousands of lives, to gain control of 95% of the world’s heroin  production and trafficking and to build an oil pipeline to the Caspian Sea, and take control of the estimated trillions of dollars worth of rare metal and ore deposits in Afghanistan.

Thousands of architects and engineers have come forward publicly to declare the WTC and Building 7 were demolished by controlled demolition. No steel-framed high rise has ever collapsed due to fire. For more information on the fall of the WTC and Building 7 go to https://www.ae911truth.org, Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth. Also, five Israelis all identified as Israeli Mossad agents were arrested on a high rise in downtown Manhatten on 911 as they cheered and celebrated while watching the collapse of the WTC and building 7. They were released days later once identified as  Mossad agents and were returned to Israel.


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