Sep 04 2019

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trump wearing usa 45 hat 2019

Perhaps USA 45 (the idiot pictured above wearing his campaign hat) is the greatest idiot leader in the world. I thought Boris Johnson of the UK might hold that title. USA 45 in response to hurricane Dorian suggested that dropping a nuclear bomb on the hurricane might stop it before it hits the Florida coast and destroys his two golf courses. USA 45, has singlehandedly destroyed a vibrant U.S economy with his stupid economic policies that have created a trillion-dollar budget deficit and destroyed most of the farmers and many retailers and manufacturers in the U.S.  USA 45 is an obvious idiot whose deficient intellect has been criticized by every news organization and every economist in the country.

Trump is a national and international embarrassment as the president of the U.S. His corruption and incompetence and that of his appointed cabinet members and staff are beyond the scope of any other president or administration. Impeachment of Trump is mandatory for any honest Congress, but it has become quite apparent that the U.S does not have an honest Congress nor does it have anyone in government who will stand up to Trump and his White House of idiots. Unless Congress impeaches Trump when they return from recess, “USA 45” will continue with his goal to collapse the ethical and economic structures of the United States, and continue his treason with Russia to destroy the USA.


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