Aug 06 2019

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A WARNING: To All Violators Of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez


A warning to all violators of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. The recent mockery, insults and threats towards Alexandria by a punk ruled school of Catholic Conservative Cultists, will not be forgiven by anyone who has an ounce of self-respect and respect for women.  I have never witnessed in my lifetime such hatred and white male pubescent hysterics directed at any woman but, now is directed at  Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. I advise Alexandria to immediately contact Secret Service and insist that all “The Catholic Boys” in the picture be arrested for threatening a U.S Congresswoman.

From Trump to Pelosi Alexandria has been insulted by the most powerful people in the world and has come back swinging with knockout punches, and is only in her first year in Congress. Messing with AOC is messing with the wrong girl and tens of millions of her devoted followers.

This warning also applies to all violators of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who has courageously fought off harsh threats and racial attacks by Trump and the media. The “Right-Wing Conservative Christian Church of Lunacy” has demonized Alexandria and Ilhan with their base followers whose deity is Donald Trump. Americans who believe in these women will defend them in web posts, social media, and protests and will condemn the criminal nature of their violators. These two women are the truest voices of change and the most sympathetic to millions of struggling Americans regardless of their race or  origin. They are the hope of the world, and the future of America, They must be protected, honored, and embraced as our daughters of Freedom and Liberty.


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