Jul 25 2019

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Yesterday’s Judiciary Committee hearing was the most difficult hearing for Mueller due to the ridiculous and ludicrous “questioning” by the Republican committee members attacking him and others on the Special Prosecutor’s selected team of investigators showboating their own Republican stupidity for all the world to see.¬† Jim Jordon, the greatest idiotic in Congress did not ask answerable questions rather he displayed his stupidity and absolute desperation of his own guilt in his full-frontal verbal attack against Mueller and his investigation. Mueller shrugged off his offensive stupidity and later throughout both hearings refused to answer nearly all Republican’ attacks and questions regarding the Steele Dossier and other counterintelligence issues he was unauthorized to answer. Republicans questioned Mueller about his many “Democrat” investigators for their bias against Trump. Mueller defended his choices of staff members and the objectivity of the Report, virtually nullifying any and all Republican attacks against him and his report.

The above pictures of Mueller were from the Intel Committee hearing, where Mueller opened up more to Democrat members’ questions and shut down almost all Republican questions due to their irrelevance and their attacks against counterintelligence investigations which Mueller was unauthorized to answer. Aside from ignoring the Republicans’ questions, Mueller answered numerous questions by Democrats and cooperated with Intel Chairman Adam Shiff’s final questions.¬†Ranking Member Rep.Nunes’s final questions were merely a meek “thank you” to Mueller and commendation for his service realizing his final questions would be banned by Mueller due to his being unauthorized to speak about ongoing Trump investigations and counterintelligence investigations handled by courts and other federal investigating agencies. .

Mueller made it clear to all listening that Trump was and is currently guilty of Obstruction of Justice, and once leaving office could be indicted for his crimes. Also, Trump is currently guilty of breaking election laws prohibiting Trump and his campaign from receiving election aid by Russia or any country.  Trump has publicly stated that he will continue to break the law by accepting aid from foreign countries and individuals. Never has this country had such a dictatorial, autocratic, racist, criminal in the office of the Presidency. The Mueller Hearings yesterday proved without a doubt that Trump obstructed justice during and after his 2016 election and currently continues to defy the Constitution and laws of the land. Trump, his corrupt cabinet and especially Atty General Barr are complete criminal embarrassments to the American people and our system of justice and must be removed from office by impeachment and arrested for their high crimes and treason.



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