Jul 15 2019

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the squad 2019



As an American, I stand proudly defending these four women as citizens and elected members of Congress.   Donald Trump in his despicable misogyny and racism became outraged at their defiance of him and publicly support his impeachment. Four Liberal women of color gave him the finger, and called him and his immigration policy and presidency “immoral and racist”. They defied Nancy Pelosi’s resistance to impeach Trump for all his obvious crimes and treason. The Mueller Report lays it all out for the “reader” and members of Congress as a roadmap. The four Congresswomen read the Report and demand that Trump be impeached. I have read the full Mueller Report and I demand impeachment and indictment.

As I defend these women of the Justice League of Congress I ask all my readers and listeners in 190 countries to join me in the defense of these women. Take upon yourself this quest and join with your friends on social media and emails to  Congress and the Senate and help these women fight Trump’s openly public hatred against them, and all non-white people throughout the world. Trump’s racist hatred is the weakest cell of his madness. These four women are The Justice League of Congress.  They and all who elected them to office have begun a revolution that cannot be stopped and has torn the mask and clothes off Donald Trump and his corrupt and treasonous Cabinet and Republicans in Congress. The Justice League of Congress has exposed the naked racism in the president and his administration to the American people and the world.



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