Dec 01 2004

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Radio Interview with Dave Von Kleist (Creator of 911 In Plane Site Documentary)

For the billions of listeners who missed the show last night, Leila and I had a great interview with Dave Von Kleist producer and host of thepowerhour.com and producer of the video IN PLANE SITE. Dave made an incredible 911 documentary that, without a doubt, is one of the greatest investigative reports this country has ever witnessed. Dave has taken great risk revealing this information accumulated in his documentary. Some of the most damning evidence of the massive 911 conspiracy broadcasted by the mainstream media on 9/11/01, recorded by television screens around the world. Film footage by journalists and reporters who witnessed a far different event on 911 than was later told by the media, then completely ignored and covered up in the 911 Commission Report. The transcript of the interview with Dave will be available on this site in a few days. Please watch for it. L.A. Steel P.S. Thanks for reading this site, as of this writing on 12/1/04, I have 7500 hits.

Thanking Thousands! 12/2/04
I must thank the 6,000 and counting who have hit my website the last two weeks. I am totally blown away by the response. I am going through a mini crisis right now trying to gather my senses while recuperating from an antacid and alka seltzer overdosed holiday. I was trying desperately to put a few articles in the site yesterday and almost succeeded until some demonic system error wiped out the article and ticked me off to the point of self medication. So here is another attempt at thanking everyone who has checked out my site and all who have stuck with me on the television and radio show for the last several years. I can sincerely say you are all very appreciated. In the next few days and weeks many articles and features will begin to appear regularly on this site. Soon we will have a slide show and video gallery as well as archived shows and classic L.A.STEEL PRESENTS programs available only on this site, as well as transcripts and audio archives of some of my best radio show interviews. I am asking all of you to please have patience with this site as I and Rob Brenckman work out the bugs and create for you a totally interactive website extravaganza. I have been amazed that the average visit on this site has lasted at least eight minutes. I can’t tell you how heartening that is to me that everyone is reading and using the poll. I just wish a few of you would use the forum more often but were making that a little more user friendly so bear with us for a while, meanwhile if you would like to contact me please use the contact button on the home page and you can send me your message. Please check out the radio show this week 11/30/04 if you can get it in your area I’ll be interviewing David Von Kleist producer of the IN PLANE SITE video who has recently re released the DVD with more evidence of the 911 cover up. Thank you again for your interest in my work and please continue to check this site out as we make many more improvements Sincerely Yours, L.A.STEEL

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