Apr 30 2019

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download (1) hillary imageIt appears that all the estrogen in the Democratic Party this year has produced another impotent 2020 male presidential contender Joe Biden. “We’re fighting for the soul of the nation,” Biden said in his campaign announcement video. The last thing the nation needs is another old corporate Democrat who will sell out the country. His first campaign stop was sponsored by Comcast and a Healthcare insurance company who gave him $6 million in one night. Comcast does not want Net Neutrality, and Health Ins.companies do not want Universal Healthcare or Medicare for all. Everything old centrist Biden represents is a recipe for Democrats to lose in 2020, and if they keep up their amazing stupidity they will lose everything again as they did in 2016.

Times have changed outside the Democrat Party, and they refuse to recognize it. The DNC recently changed their election process and refuse to let any Democratic primary challengers run against incumbent Democrats. They are deliberately going against all democratic processes to preserve their pathetic political party. It is time for a New Democrat Socialist or something party to destroy the power of the old guard of dementia ridden sold out Democrats. The party of the people has become the party of the pathetic. After the 2018 election, there was great hope and enthusiasm for the Democrats whose elderly members reluctantly accepted a new progressive challenge to their old methods of campaigning and taking their constituents for granted. All Americans today under the age of 50 with liberal and humanitarian attitudes and beliefs are opposed to the hypocritical old fogies now dominating the Democrat Party. Old Joe sponsored the bill in the Senate that prevented students from filing bankruptcy from their massive student loan debts forced upon them by the preditor banks and student loan lenders including the federal government.

Americans are drowning in debt due to impossible to pay medical and student debt. These should be like every other industrialized country free to the public. Free education and Universal Healthcare. Young and old Americans are strangled by debt that no other citizens of other industrialized countries have to bare. Americans are literally dying from debt imposed upon them by high taxes, high medical costs and high interest rates on student loans. These are just some of the burdens Americans have that other countries do not. The Billionaire class of the U.S has gotten away with financial murder of the middle classes and working classes. Their strangulation of the American people is allowed and sponsored by their oligarchic government, now headed by one of the worst oligarchs and possible dictator to ever hold the office of the President of the U.S. Biden and most Democrats owe their political careers and campaigns to these mega companies and the billionaires who run them. Unless Joe Biden and all Democrats like him are thrown out of government, there will never be change and as the great frustration of the Progressive Caucus in the House of Reps mounts, there will be a chasm created in the party and the Progressives will form their own party to oppose old Democrat incumbents in both the House and Senate.

Few if any progressives will vote for Joe Biden just as few voted for Hillary because they understand their hypocrisy and political impotence and consider Joe Biden as a Republican-lite, Hillary Democrat, with a penis.



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