Feb 24 2019

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 The FBI Medal for Meritorious Achievement fbi medal of meritorious achievement awardis awarded for extraordinary and exceptional meritorious service in a duty of extreme challenge and great responsibility, extraordinary and exceptional achievements in connection with criminal or national security cases or projects, or a decisive, exemplary act that results in the protection or the direct saving of life in severe jeopardy in the line of duty.”  Source: Wikipedia


Andrew McCabe without a doubt deserves The FBI Medal for Meritorious Achievement. McCabe’s remarkable courage and leadership leading the FBI investigation into Trump’s Treasonous election. Prior to Trump’s election, the FBI saw reason to be alarmed at Trump presidential campaign being compromised by Russia and Trump might be a Russian Asset. Throughout Trump’s campaign, he continued to lie about his financial relationships with Russian Oligarchs close to Putin who lent him over one billion dollars and gave him 100 million dollars for his inauguration. Trump continued to do business with the Russians up to  November of 2018. Documents acquired by Mueller of business transpired prove Trump has done business with Russia .since the 1980s and verified by Trump’s own son Donald Jr.

McCabe suspected after meeting with Trump that Trump was compromised after he fired FBI Director James Comey to Obstruct Justice and end the Mueller Investigation. McCabe understood Trump’s threats during his interview with him and knew the great risk he was taking of losing his job or say nothing about the great risk to the country by Trump’s treason.  Andrew McCabe took action immediately to protect the Mueller Investigation and conduct a further FBI counter-intelligence investigation into Trump’s ties with Russia. Andrew McCabe is and was a courageous and patriotic American who took on the ominous responsibility of directing an investigation into the criminality and treason of the newly elected President.


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