Feb 13 2019

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Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar told the truth and caught Congressional Hell for her bold criticism of Congressional bribery by AIPAC and all other countries and lobbying groups paying government officials to vote or influence votes to benefit Israel or other governments and corporations. Omar should never have apologized for her comments especially once the greatest racists and hypocrites in the country Trump and his ventriloquist dummy Pence condemned her and called for her resignation.

I have never witnessed such outright blatant racist and hypocritical condemnation of a member of Congress. If Omar was white, male and evangelical Christian as so many of the Right Wing of Congress and the SenateĀ and the President are, these anti-AIPAC comments would not have been reported, because so many Trump supporting, Christian White People, really hate Jews and Israel. Muslim hatred amongst White American Trump Supporters and Sychophant Senators and House Repugs and Democrats are so very blatant to the eyes of the world, yet they continue their attacks against a courageous Congresswomen unimpeded.

Nancy Pelosi and all the leading hypocritical congressional seniors are frightened of the AIPAC lobby and quiver at the thought of possibly offending their major source of funding and exposing the fraud of the Israeli Lobby and continual Congressional support of the Israeli genocide of the Palestinians. All Americans of intellect and understanding of the Jewish hold on the U.S Media and Government realize the unfortunate faux pas of Congresswoman Omar for Tweeting the truth about AIPAC and the blatant corruption of Congress and its corrupt campaign finance laws.

All praise goes to Congresswoman Ilhan Omar for her courage and convictions for speaking out against an obvious injustice. Unfortunately, too many members in her own political party are cowards and corrupted by AIPAC money. There must be a Progressive revolt against the funding of Israel and the ongoing genocide of Palestinians. and the mockery of the U.S Government defense against anti-Semitism, while the President and Congress condemn all other races except the White race and Jews.



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