Jan 11 2019

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Returning Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has proven her pettiness and political prowess in her pissing match with President Donald Trump. I grant them both their elected titles though I did not vote for either of them. Nancy Pelosi is known to most Americans as the mature female face of the centrist Democratic Party of the Clintons involved with the rigging of the 2016 Democratic primaries. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a pink wool hat with Pussycrat ears on them. At 76 years old most women and men are considering retirement or already are retired. Nancy Pelosi’s net worth is estimated at over 100 million dollars, she has no empathy for working-class Americans, she hires immigrants for work in her vineyards. Pelosi is a power hungry, greedy, politician who sells her influence to the highest bidder. She was re-elected because she was the best the party had.

What difference would it have made to her to allocate 5.7 billion dollars to Trump’s Wall to stop the government shut down and layoff of 800,000 Federal workers a week after Christmas?    It is simply her pettiness and ego against Trump’s pettiness and ego. The people who are getting hurt in this battle of callous and petty leaders are the Federal workers and millions of others affected by the shutdown. In their political pissing match, Pelosi and Trump have proven they could care less for the country and people they were elected to serve. Their focus is entirely on winning power, strictly for the satisfaction of their own overly inflated egos.  Regardless Trump accepted ownership of the shutdown, the outrageous liar that he has proven to be should warn us, that he would shift ownership of the shutdown to the Democrats if they resisted him.

It’s time for Pelosi to give up the ghost and open the government. No one should suffer from this shutdown, but due to her petty politics, she would rather destroy the lives of millions of Americans in a political pissing match than give Trump what he wants. He is the President she is the Speaker of the House. He was elected by the majority of national voters, She was elected by her constituents in California. Schumer will always bow to Nancy, his ego is far overpowered by hers.  Trump is like a child in a temper tantrum who wants his toy Legos to build a wall but Pelosi won’t give the Legos to him until he has his diaper changed.

It’s time for a real diaper change in Washington D.C. Open the government and Impeach Trump and Pence!






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