Dec 22 2018

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America is in the hands of a madman. The Madman of Mar-a-Lago has become the most hated, crazy bastard to ever hold the office of the U.S presidency and country in blackmail. This proves that the office of the Presidency is far too powerful for one person to hold, It has become a dictatorship of one insane individual, who without restraint is threatening to destroy the world in war and economic disaster.  This crazy bastard must be stopped by the rest of the government, refusing to acknowledge him as a sane individual and move to have him immediately arrested and removed from office. 300 psychologists and psychiatrists have recently stated publicly that Trump is unfit for office. He shows all the signs of Narcissistic insanity and is completely unable to perform his duties as President and must be removed immediately from office before he does more harm to the country and the world. His loyal blind followers are also insane to hold on to an obviously insane president promising to “Make America Great Again” by destroying all environmental safeguards, giving trillions of dollars in tax cuts to wealthiest people in the country, and to deny food stamps, Medical Insurance and Medicare, Social Security to millions of Americans and push the Middle and lower middle classes into poverty.

If this present government does not end the reign of terror of the Madman from Mar-a-Lago then the people must end it. There should be thousands and hundreds of thousands protesting and occupying the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida where the Madman Trump and his family are spending the next two weeks in luxury during the holidays while he shuts down the Federal Government and furloughs hundreds of thousands of Federal Workers.  This is cruel, hapless and completely insane.



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