Dec 12 2018

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The Internet’s favorite “idiot” is Donald Trump. I ask all my readers to Google the word ‘Idiot’ and see who and what comes up in the search engine. I guarantee it is Donald Trump. I Googled it minutes before I began this article and there was our President Donald J.Trump. Maybe Time Magazine will put Trump on the front cover as “Idiot of the Year”.

Google’s CEO was asked by the Senate Committee “Why do pictures of Donald Trump come up when the word idiot is typed into Google search?”  The answer is very clear, no one else in the world is better known as an ‘Idiot” than Donald Trump.   Millions of searches daily are made in Google Search. It was stated in the committee hearing that 90% of all searches on the internet are done through Google.  Google’s CEO replied to the committee’s question that their search engine is designed to seek the most current and most searched words with all information related to them. It just so happens that “idiot Trump” is one of the most searched phrases in the world.

Life is tough today for Poor Donald, being exposed by Google as the #1 idiot in the world.







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