Jan 18 2008

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It would appear from recent news reports that the U.S economy is now in a recession. Anyone who has experienced the rise in food and fuel costs for the last two years knew it was coming. Why does it take the G.D media so long to suddenly announce the obvious? What’s in it for them to suddenly break the old news? Anyone with an ounce of common sense would know that spending $650 billion on a unwanted and unneeded war would cause some unwanted effects on the U.S ecomony.

Anyone in their right mind could have seen the problems arise; when Dick Cheney refused to release information on who headed up his Energy Advisory Board, and drafted the Energy Bill. That bill unleashed $3.00 plus per gallon oil and gas prices and gave the oil companies record profits. The bill issued no higher EPA standards for the auto industry, and did absolutely nothing to restrict, or curb oil consumption in the U.S. The U.S inflation statistics do not, and never have included the price of energy in it’s lop sided equations. Inflation statistics do not include increases in house prices. Inflation statistics do not include the government’s deficit, or the cost of borrowing trillions from foreign banks and countries. Since 1907 the American dollar has been devalued by 97 %. A dollar in 2008 is now worth 3 cents compared to the dollar in 1907. What that equates to in the 21st century is;that the U.S dollar is virtually worthless. It is backed by nothing but paper and debt. This newly reported 100 year old recessionary spiral is near it’s catastrophic end. The last great bank heist was created by the banking system itself in the last few years. The subprime mortgage rip off perpetrated by the U.S largest banks , has plunged the U.S into it’s worst ever recession. Millions of Americans are on the verge of losing their entire life’s savings, not just because of the loss of their homes, but because of the complete devaluation of the American dollar. This happened in post WW I Germany; when it took a wheel barrel full of Marxs to buy a loaf of bread. It spawned the rise of Hilter’s Nazis, which led to WWII.

Fascism is on the rise and is prevailent in the U.S. The corrupt election in 2000 that brought G.W Bush into power and the more corrupt election in 2004 that kept G.W in power has brought about a police state in the U.S. Oh, yes we still have our freedom of speech, and our freedom of assembly, but these have all been diminished and greatly eroded since 2001, and the false flag terrorist attack on the WTC. It is the same tactic used by Hitler when he burned the Reichtag, (Germany’s Parliment building) and blamed it on the Communists. This caused Hitler’s homeland security programs to infiltrate and execute any group or individual who spoke out against the rise of Hitler’s Nazis. All communists in Germany were hunted down , jailed and executed by the Brown Shirts and secret police after the burning of the Reichtag. Military spending increased and Germany’s imperialistic dreams of Arian supremacy and global domination created the Third Reich. Little has been said about who funded and supported the rise of Fascism and Hitler . It was none other than Prescott Bush the grandfather of G.W Bush ; as well as other U.S money men and American industrialists, like Henry Ford; who supplied money and arms to Hitler. Ford made and delivered tanks and vehicles for the Nazis.

We can not sit back and close our eyes to what is happening in front of us. These Presidential Primaries are another major conveniant distraction, along with Micheal Jackson and Brittany Spears, and a hundred other brain dead , overdosing stars and starlettes paraded by the news and publishing media to insult the intelligence of the American public, and deter attention away from the deliberate destruction of the U.S by G.W Bush and his fascist minons. The recession is happening now . The Depression is about to begin. Americans have stopped spending. They can not borrow anymore. The U.S credit rating has been devalued by it’s international creditors. The Bush economic stimulus package will only bail out the banks, and American CEOs . America be damned! The Iraq War will continue , the Afghanistan War will continue, billions of borrowed dollars will be given to Pakistan, Israel and other corrupt allies, while the American middleclasses will be destroyed. Retirement funds for the Baby Boomers will become worthless, and international bankers will seize control of all corporate and government assets. America will be bankrupt again just as it was in 1933. The international bankers caused it then and they are causing it now.

The only reason U.S banks are receiving their multi billion dollar bailouts from foreign countries is because these creditor nations know full well that if the U.S economy colapses, their countries’ economies will as well. Without the American consumer consuming, the world economy will plunge into a depression deeper than anything the world has ever witnessed. China will fall, India will fall, Russia, Israel, Europe and all of Asia. The Middle East Oil countries will be in chaos as the demand for their oil plummets, because Americans can no longer afford to buy gasoline, or heat their homes. Industrialized nations will spend their remaining currency on renewable energy sources as oil companies take staggering losses. Without U.S buyers for their exports, foreign trade will slow to a stand still ; as world wide economies stagger, and their goverments fail, leading to world wide revolution.

World leaders will invoke police state actions and Marshal Law. “Rationing” will be the byword in all the media. The wealthy will be despised rather than emulated, attacked and murdered on the streets. Their homes and estates invaded by massive numbers of protestors, and looters. Prestigious universities will be plundered as populations demand free education. Hospitals will be under siege by millions of homeless world wide demanding medical attention. Unemployment will rise to staggering heights, as American industries hemorage money and jobs. Paper currencies will be worthless, gold and silver and other rare metals will be confiscated as they were in 1933. Riots in Congress and massive violent protests in Washington, D.C will create the shut down of the U.S Government. Folks we ain’t seen nothing yet. There won’t be enough National Guard or police to stop the looting and rioting, that will occur. Violence will be wide spread, gangs will rise in strength and numbers, prisons will be in total chaos, with mass riots and escapes due to severe overcrowding. All towns and communities will become fortresses guarded by vigilantes and patriot militias, defending their families and property from maurading gangs and state and government take overs and increasing numbers of desparate populations, migrating to warmer climates for work and warmth, away from starvation and winter weather.

Is this too gloomy a scenario for the next 12 months? I don’t think so. That is why the main stream media is hyping the beginning of this recession; to prepare the public for the coming Depression. Few know that G.W. has been granted the authority to sign an executive order under a FEMA directive to suspend the Constitution and declare Marshal Law . As I write this Haliburton is building new holding facilities through out this country. Multi billion dollar no bid contracts were given to Haliburton to erect these massive facilities, designed to detain and imprison citizens under the period of Marshal Law. All I’ve stated is true and has been thoroughly reported and written about in numerous books and articles. We are nearing the end of the American empire, and approaching a new cycle of evolution. As we reach for understanding of what is happening around us now, we will not find any obvious solutions. The reason for the present problems is the planned, disunification of the collective consciousness of humanity. Until we as a common global people devote ourselves to the belief in the Brotherhood and Unity of Man, we are doomed to perish as all nations fall and populations plunder the ruins. A Dark Age will fall upon the world , as new generations fiercly rebel against the old , in retaliation for their greed and violent blight on the world, and the light of humanity will be extinquished by total darkness.

To prevent this calamity , everyone , everywhere , must reach out to one another as a friend . We must reach out as kind brothers and sisters around the planet, to offer each other council, and aid in the stuggles against oppression and darkness. Americans can stop the greatest Depression by understanding and correcting the causes of it; before it is completely upon is. We must seek “Change ” not just in our leaders, but in ourselves. Ghandi stated,that” We must become the Change if we are to realize change.” I am commited to changing my outlook, my lifestyle, my world by becoming the change, by believing in a vision of global Brotherhood; then do all I can to accept and create that change within myself. It is difficult to do, but I have little time left to acomplish this task. I believe that billions of people around the world already believe and see the vision. I believe that we all are doing something to create a change in ourselves and those around us. We must gather as believers in a global congregation of believers. We can do that through telepathy, through the internet, through the media, through trust in one creator, trust in the good of mankind, in optimism, trust in intuition, trust in our collective strength, trust in the spirit that is moving us into our evolutionary ascension; toward the perfection of Humanity.

L.A. Steel

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