Oct 26 2018

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As of today the proTrump terrorist who sent 10 bombs to 10 Democratic Congressmen and Senators who publicly opposed Trump has been arrested in Florida.  Americans have historically had violence in their politics almost every President since Lincoln has had serious death threats against them and many nonpresidential politicians have too. It goes with the game of politics. The only difference between the recent threats and past threats were these bomb threats were incited and inspired by Donald Trump against Democratic opponents. I’m surprised Schumer and Blumenthal didn’t receive bomb threats, but maybe the bomber is Jewish or doesn’t want to appear anti-Jewish, because he is probably a Trump loving evangelical Zionist, crazy person.

Whoever the bomber is, he has been defended by Republicans and Trumpers as a Left Wing Conspiracy, sending poorly made bombs through the mail from Florida with Democrat Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Campaign office as the return address. If it were a pre-election Democratic hoax they wouldn’t be stupid enough to put their return address on the envelopes. Sorry folks, but the bomber is a Trumper without a brain in his head or he could be involved with a group of Trumpers. Bomb threats are one of the oldest known threats to politicians. Assassinations are often threatened and carried out. They are mostly carried out against Democrat politicians, who seem to be the targets of most bomb threats and assassinations.

Republicans under McConnel and Trump have gone rogue. They are liars and cheats of sociopathic proportions. If Democrats don’t take back the House and Senate in November these cruel and rogue Republican acts of hatred and violence will continue and worsen. If they see that Democrats are frightened, and insist on their nonviolent, ineffective protests, the “proud boys” and Nazi-loving white supremacists will continue to be violent if Trump commends them and incite riots and racial hatred. Trump is a fascist and a racist just as his father was. Unless law enforcement and Democratic leaders demand that these hate groups and all of Trump’s fanatic followers are terrorists, what happened in Germany under Hilter will happen in the U.S under Trump. I’m ready for an outright war with the Right, I have been at war with them for the last 20 years as an activist, broadcaster and writer.

Trump Supporters will all fall apart and fall down. Fox News and all the Trump supporting networks and newscasters and newspaper sycophants will be marked men and women as hate mongers and advocates of fascist terror, and they will eventually be arrested as terrorists and traitors to America and Russian agents undermining the fabric of American society, U.S elections, and democracy.


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