Oct 07 2018

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Yesterday’s Senate vote to approve Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court was one of the greatest abortions of Republican conspiracies ever witnessed in American History. Men especially Republican men are misogynists (women haters) but what confused me are Republican women. They are the most insane group of people in U.S Society. These women appear to enjoy their second-class status as well as being abused by men. All the rage shown by “liberal” women against the Kavanaugh appointment to the Supreme Court appears to be of no value, unheard and put down, insulted even by Republican Trump loving women. They must enjoy being beaten and raped by their husbands and boyfriends and bosses. They must be all sexually abused victims and have found ways to enjoy their being dominated by men, or they are also into B&M and sodomy. There are many places and private clubs in the U.S and around the world that invite men and women into group sex, dominatrix pain and humiliation, that oddly gets men and women off sexually.  Internet porn has no end to the physical and sexual abuse of women and teenage girls. Any and every kind of sexual deviance can be found on the internet today readily accessed by computer or smartphone and available to all ages.

Understanding Republican, Trump supporting women is a violation of all sanity. Why in God’s name would any woman want to be treated like an animal or worse by a hate-driven, neanderthal politician or President? Women like Susan Collins who quivers and shakes with Parkinson’s disease while trying to explain her decision to vote against women’s rights, healthcare, and education. She sits as a Republican Senator from Maine and allows women to be molested, beaten, robbed, shamed and humiliated, and yet she can state that she will vote for Kavanaugh, and against all justice and dignity for women.   Trumpinsania is plaguing the U.S. Every-time I see White, Black or Hispanic women supporting Trump at one of his racist, mindless, hate filled rallies, holding up “WOMEN FOR TRUMP” signs, or “BLACKS FOR TRUMP”, makes me realize how dystopic these people are and what serious trouble this country is in.

Unless women and men of unbigoted, and rational intelligence unite in solidarity to rid their society of hate-driven, racist, misogynistic, dystopian, walking dead Republicans the country and the world are doomed to annihilation, through war and genocide and climate and environmental devastation. Unless Americans wake up to what they are doing and their indifference to the suffering of women and minorities and the homeless and hungry, there will no longer be an American society that the world envies, instead we are hated, laughed at, and undermined by our own greed and ignorance of Russian influence in elections, and foreign influences held over every part of our government, the Executive, Legislature, and Supreme Court.  Unless patriotic, compassionate, and intelligent Americans vote out the Republican and Democratic garbage in Congress the Senate and the Presidency, there will no longer be an American Dream or American Dignity. The U.S will become another Third World Dictatorship, where women and minorities are beaten and abused and murdered, and where outspoken human rights activists are beaten, silenced, arrested or murdered.

Bigotry and Misogyny are two crumbling pillars of American Society. The foolish Republican men and women elected to government, are defenders of the status quo and would bring back slavery, oppress women, and destroy all worker protections and civil rights, health care, retirement pensions, and Social Security. Republican and Democrat rule has led America to the brink of revolution by their abject failure of governing a nation.

L.A. Steel

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