Jan 08 2008

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Many people have experienced loosing contact with someone they knew. Some have lost contact permanently, and others temporarily. That someone could be an old friend, or family member, or an acquaintence we never wanted to see again. Recently I saw a picture , in a news item on the internet, regarding someone I once knew very well, but lost contact with 15 years ago.

It was facinating actually, to see how much he had aged. Some people do not age well, and others do. This person had not aged gracefully. Time, and more time, can wear on people. I remembered him as a tall , slim, and handsome man, ready, and willing to take on the world. After looking at his recent picture, he appeared as if the world took him on. He and I were close once, much like brothers, but our differences, and distances drew us apart. Insults and injuries, real, or exagerated led to a permanent parting of ways.

He did become successful in his career, according to the internet report. His picture had a caption beneath it; that stated his name and position. I was happy for him, but concerned by the way he looked. His smile was tense and worried, unlike the casual, composed smile, which was his signature trait. He had gained 30 or 40 pounds. His face was pale and wrinkled. I wondered if I looked as old as he did. He is several years younger than I am.

Time has it’s way of allowing us to forgive others, and ourselves. When people are close to one another ,either as friends or family, regardless of how long, or far they have been apart; they never forget one another, as hard as they might try. What connected them before the separation is the same thing that always connects them; either love , hate, friendship, or blood.

I have another friend I haven’t seen, or heard from in four years. He moved a thousand miles away to reunite with his kids. Since his divorce , he was compelled by his parental need, and responsibility, to move near them. We haven’t spoken to each other for 4 years now, though we parted company on good terms. We just lost contact with each other. It’s difficult to call someone after so long without contact, just to see how they are doing.

I’m not sad, or depressed , about my loss of these friends. They are alive, and perhaps happier not responding to calls from old friends, and family members. Sometimes it’s easier, and necessary not to turn, and face the past. Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt (vapor) when she turned to look back . There are many places I’ve been; that I never want to return to , or even think about. There are many people I never want to see, or know about, or be in contact with again. There are many people I look forward to seeing again. That is how the world is. That is why some people become hermits, and others just become anti social. I haven’t become either , though at times I daydream about being a hermit. The Hermit Card in the Tarot Deck is the image of a soulful, lonely, dutiful , old man, wandering through a forest, with a lit lantern. The lantern symbolizes enlightenment, and spiritual guidence. The Hermit is symbolic of the wandering of the human soul. The Hermit of the Tarot is the “biblical Job” in everyone. He symbolizes the individual’s lonely journey for truth, and life accomplishments, and the fullfillment of one’s Karmic destiny. He is alone , either wisely, or foolishly, moving on into the forest of the unknown future. He is guided by his lantern of faith . He carries his staff of knowledge, and is wearing his hooded cloak of wisdom.


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