Sep 11 2018

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Proof The Massive Data Collecting on Americans Began After 911

911 2018

The video recording of Edward Snowden referred to in the following post published on 6/14/13 has been taken down from Youtube.com. It was an interview with Edward Snowden explaining the unconstitutional and illegal use and scope of NSA surveillance immediately after 9/11/01.


Proof The Massive Data Collecting on Americans Began After 911


Edward Snowden wasn’t the first whistleblower to talk about the NSA spying on everyone in the United States, but he is the first whistleblower, who was taken seriously by the international and national media. G.W Bush authorized the unconstitutional and illegal use of the new system in 2001 after 911 and classified it to cover up his illegal action. When the system designer William Binney discovered it was being used for domestic surveillance he went public to disclose the illegal use of the program. It was designed only to surveil foreign countries and foreign visitors who were suspected of terrorism. William Binney’s public disclosure of the system was muted and censored by the national media and his complaint went nowhere. He was never arrested, or charges brought against him, and the program continued and expanded into what the NSA has now, and what Edward Snowden has successfully brought out to the public.

Americans cannot allow these unconstitutional and illegal spying activities to continue. Please listen to this video, and learn what the NSA and G.W Bush did and what Barack Obama is now doing, to build an illegal and bogus case against anyone in the U.S. It is Hitler’s dream, that has been operating against American citizens by the American Government since 911.

The following HBO video is a 2016 interview with Snowden, regarding the illegal government surveillance of all American citizens.  This video also shows how easy it is to hack a smartphone or other devices. The original 2013  interview I described above has been permanently removed from Youtube.com.

L.A. Steel



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