Sep 05 2018

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My heartfelt congratulations to NIKE for having the courage as a corporation to create the new ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick.  They understand the rights of Athletes as well as anyone to protest the wrongs done by the U.S justice system to Black Americans. The Civil Rights Movement began by men and women refusing to obey the bogus laws that kept them down and discriminated against. Kneeling at the National Anthem does not disrespect America or the flag, it proves that Americans are a country of great laws and freedoms guaranteed to all by the U.S Constitution.

NIKE should never worry about their bold stand of Free Speech and the devoted fans of their athletic wear. A few overweight white men and women who wear Nike shoes or clothes can burn them all they want to. Nike is a brand developed from quality and sold to millions of people who respect the name and the quality products they make. If I were NIKE  I would rather see great world athletes wearing my products than some overweight white man or woman with bad feet, trying to look sporty in a new pair of Nike shoes, or God forbid Nike leggings. Let them burn their clothes, no one cares and only thinks they are stupid Trump Supporters, who would burn a $100+ pair of sneakers after they paid for them.



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