Jul 13 2018

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Kim prefers a potato instead of Pompeo

It appears that Kim Jong Un preferred visiting a potato farm in No. Korea to a summit meeting with Pompeo this week. The pomposity of Sec.of State Pompeo is unbearable and laughable.  Kim won’t be talked to like a leader of a street gang. Pompeo’s threats are only angering Kim. He has nukes, and the ability to strike anywhere in the world that threatens his country. Strict sanctions against Kim will only make him more angry and embarrassed by the U.S lack of tact and diplomacy. Kim is like a child with a lollipop who won’t let it go unless it’s taken from him. Pompeo and Trump are trying to make peace with Kim to get his lollipop.

Every time Pompeo signifies progress to the world, Kim states an insult and complains about U.S ambitions in Korea and what guarantees No. Korea will receive if they denuclearize. The game will continue until Trump is impeached. Kim knows Trump’s future is grim and short. Kim can wait to make a deal with the next administration.


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