Jul 07 2018

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trump hates everyone and mocks me too in montana 2018

Montana has some of the most beautiful areas in the country. I was sickened to watch Trump make a mockery of women standing up in the #Me Too movement who condemn men like Trump, who are serial adulterers and sexual predators. Are Montana women immune to sexual predators or are they more like submissive Muslim and Mormon women who must do whatever men ask them to do? Getting married as children and sexually abused by their adult husbands.  What perverted attraction does Trump have over Montana women and to all “Women for Trump”?

Power and Money are all Trump has. He’s 72 years old, he’s 289 pounds according to his recent medical exam. He has no respect for children, no respect for women, and no respect for anyone other than autocrats Putin and Kim Jong Un. He’s crude, mean, gluttonous, and a serial adulterer with porn stars. Maybe this is the new age for men of all ages? Maybe Trump has created society’s approval for abuse of women and children, hating all but the white race, killing and creating chaos in all countries, being as aggressive and rude as possible to anyone and everyone? Maybe this attitude of hate and disrespect appeals to many American men and women? Trump is a president without honor or dignity, and his supporters appear to be the same way. Their only honor is in their belief that because they are white they are superior and privileged and others are not.

There must be millions of Americans like Trump. I have met a few and had words with several, but Trump people are all in denial and only seem to shout and show anger at darker skin races and call Liberals “libtards” because liberals refuse to accept the biligerant insanity of Trump and his supporters. I remember driving across Montana over 30 years ago and saw ‘No Indians” signs on bars and restaurants. Few minorities other than native Americans live in Montana. There are many environmentalists in Montana who must be cringing at Trump’s devasting environmental protection rollbacks. It is difficult for me and hundreds of millions of Americans to accept Trump’s mockery of pollution safeguards, women, immigrants, other races and all Americans who hate everything Trump stands for.



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