Jun 05 2018

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king trump thinks he rules the world 2018


I have stated often on my radio show and on this website my disgust and disdain for both Israel and Trump. With Trump pulling out of the Iranian peace deal, Iran can do what it wants in retaliation.  There is no love in Iran for Trump or Israel, and the  powerful leader of Iran has every right to defend his country and their allies. If I were an Iranian I would never trust the U.S in any deal with Trump. I agree that the great Obama Iranian deal was a flop, but any deal we agree to with Iran would not be successful , unless we and our allies agreed to a real treaty of peace and not a far fetched agreement, retaining mutual hostility between the U.S and Israel against Iran and its allies.The U.S and Israel are by far more the aggressors in the Middle East than Iran.  The U.S war mongering and Trump’s maniacal  escapades of secret bombings of Syria and Yemen , and  Israel’s illegal bombings and rabid threats have made the U.S and Israel appear as complete lunatics and war criminals in the Middle East.

Trump recently declared himself a king, unimpeachable or indictable by any law or country. The U.S apparently has a crazy man in the office of President.  No one from any country can reasonably negotiate any terms or treaties with Lunatic King Donald the First.  He’s a menace to this country and obviously to anyone who associates with him, works for him, or is influenced by his psychotic compulsions to destroy and demean anyone or anything that argues against him.  He’s a complete lunatic, and yet no one in Congress will impeach him, no one in law enforcement will arrest him, and no one in or outside the White House has the courage, or authority to drag him off his self imposed throne.  Unless Mueller makes it all happen, Trump will become King and dictator of the U.S and destroy every democratic tradition  and trash the Constitution , all while professing his love and loyalty to the American Flag and Anthem.

There has never been a more dangerous or farcical character than Donald Trump, ever to hold the high office of President of the U.S.  Trump believes he is the Mad Hatter in Alice and Wonderland, and his crazy Cabinet members and advisers  are idiots and teapots as seen in the cartoon clip below. The American people have fallen down the rabbit hole and are being led to Trump’s “tea party” by white hooded Nazis, crazy evangelists, neocons,  and other Republican lunatics ready to go to war with the Queen of Hearts, and everyone else in the world deck of cards.

The following Disney cartoon perfectly depicts Trump’s Cabinet meetings headed by Trump and Mike Pence. Alice plays an uninvited reporter observing the insanity.


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