Jun 01 2018

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democrat and republican parties are both dead 2018

By Democrat leaders’ recent statements and the cool reception given many Democrat Candidates running in 2018 it appears that most Americans do not trust the Democrats any longer. They are a constant betrayal and disappointment to American voters, hoping for real social change. Bernie made sense for a while until he betrayed his followers and endorsed Hillary 5 days before the convention. I would never give that Israeli loving war monger a cent or a kind word.

There is no Democrat worthy any longer to bear the honor or ideals once given to them as the “party of the people”. They have become the pimps and whores of mega corporations and financial pirates.  They are all supposedly opposed to Trump, yet no one but a few irate and racially offended Black legislators have brought articles of impeachment to the floor of Congress, and no Democrat leader has proposed it either. Few Presidents in history have been more “unfit for office” than Donald Trump and yet no Democrat leader in the House or Senate have the nerve, or will, to bring charges of Impeachment against Trump. Perhaps they are waiting for Mueller’s investigation to finish, but he is obviously dragging his feet now, and will continue beyond the 2018 elections, due to Republican pressure . Mueller is a registered Republican and was unanimously appointed as Special Prosecutor.  Few remember that he was the Director of FBI during the Bush JR. years and failed miserably refusing to investigate or prosecute the Bush Administration even when numerous world courts indicted G.W Bush and his administration as war criminals.

I believe the Democrat Party is dead, and the Republican Party is a throw away , worthless and inept corporate entity designed to betray and corrupt the government and destroy the U.S by its mean and contemptuous character.  Hatred of them will always remain, however American hatred for the Democrats is becoming an overwhelming and obvious issue, that will play out in the 2018 mid term elections, and into 2020.



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