Apr 02 2018

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sized demon

The NRA and every conservative pundit and media publication have their guns out for Parkland Shooting Survivor David Hogg.  His anger is real, his celebrity as an activist is growing , and his powerful message against the morons attacking him are great. He’s a powerful speaker and a lightening bolt of youthful energy damning the system for its indifferent and insane elected lawmakers and gun owners, who believe owning a gun should be as easy as buying bubble gum at a convenience store.  Anyone under 18 can not buy a lottery ticket, a bottle of beer or a pack of cigarettes, but they can walk into any gun shop and buy an assault rifle, or any other kind of deadly weapon. I haven’t heard as much Right Wing Squealing against liberals since Nixon resigned, or since brain dead G.W Bush and his media minions demanded America go to war against Afghanistan and Iraq on outright lies of weapons of mass destruction, then raped the Constitution and the Geneva Convention stripping away all human rights , allowing surveillance, captivity and torture of foreign soldiers and domestic citizens, and have remained entrenched in these wars for the last 16 years.

I’ll admit Obama was a moderate / globalist, and no genius, nor was he a better politician than any of his predecessors. He lied and misrepresented most of his policies to the American people, and he and Hillary’s foreign policies virtually destroyed the Middle East. In light of the fact that Obama claimed to be liberal, his policies were little different from the Bush Jr. presidency, and his foreign affairs were still controlled by NeoCons and right wing war mongers in the Pentagon and as advisers. Obama has not criticized David Hogg or any shooting survivors or their parents, which is the right and honorable thing to do. For media attack dogs like Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson and all other Fox News puke pushers and contributors, to moronically lash out at a 17 year old radical and his group of School Shooting Survivors is not only beneath any public standard of dignity or integrity, but shows the public just how hateful  and shallow these people are. They are complete sell outs to the Conservative Holy Cults of Fox News and other hag rags of racist, homophobic, idiotic, media outlets.

David Hogg and his group of young activists are survivors of a mass school shooting that happened on Valentine’s Day this year at their high school. Their anger and energy is real and their social media followers and millions of others in the U.S and around the world are  sympathetic to their message. Their message being, the  lives and safety of all  children and adults in all schools and in all neighborhoods  should be kept from harm from gun violence, with simple and common sense gun laws, to protect people from madmen, gang violence, and mass killers. Enough is Enough, it is time for gun control laws that take away War Weapons from the civilian populations. It is no different than the War on Opioids , or strict laws against heroin dealers or violent criminals. Men and boys who own assault rifles and weapons of war own them to do harm against someone,either offensively or defensively , or they have  serious  phallic issues, and erectile dysfunction.  Women who own assault rifles and weapons of war have their own issues of power and defense, but a legal hand gun would provide them a more convenient and practical weapon.

I am not against sane and legal gun ownership, but I am against the right wing bullying of David Hogg and any other activist who protests for their own safety in schools and neighborhoods, and sane gun control laws. What makes the insane adults and other attackers of these children in the media, any different than those mass murderers that  murdered their friends and schoolmates and tried to murder them? Why would they ever bow to or retreat from the hatred and intimidation,  of such brain dead, moronic imbeciles, who attack them in the media and on the floors of Congress and their own state legislatures .  If 17 year old school shooting survivors and children and parents around the country can see this serious national problem, why can’t fully grown men and women gun lovers understand the glaring problem as well ? Guns kill kids. Kids with guns kill kids. Insane adults with guns kill anyone.  It’s time to end the insanity, and it’s time to take David Hogg and all of  his “March for Life” activists seriously, and respect their suffering, and commitment to publicly demand respect and safety for the lives of all children.



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