Feb 21 2018

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“YIPPEE KIYEAH MOTHER FUCKER !” TRUMP SENDS A MEMO TO JEFF SESSIONS TO “LOOK INTO” A BAN ON BUMPS STOCKS.  His mockery of the Florida shooting was as pathetic as he is.  He feels nothing for the slain children, he only feels for the millions of dollars and congressional payoffs by the NRA, National Rifle Association, that are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent people this year alone caused by the NRA defense of the manufacturing and sales of assault rifles and other weapons of mass murder. These weapons must be banned , and could have been with an executive order, but the great appeaser and prick in the White House sends a memo to Atty. General Jeff Sessions instead, who will do nothing,but insist on the death penalty for all mass murderers, and insist on incarceration and heavy fines for Pot Smokers. Sessions is simply  another blithering idiot in Trump’s Cabinet.

May the children of America rise and fight against the insanity and criminal neglect of Trump and their federal and state elected officials, who have allowed them to be massacred by madmen,  legally allowed to buy and own any gun and military assault rifles. What kind of sick, demented , morons are in our Federal and State governments, who would continue in their insane blindness to ignore the slaughter of innocent American children throughout the country? Donald Trump is a complete traitor to the American people. His presidency is nothing more than a great treasonous deception, played upon the U.S by Russia, and their greed driven puppet president Donald Trump, who owes his soul to Russian mobsters and the Kremlin.

American children especially of high school age, must stand up for themselves now , because their parents, and elected government are doing nothing to protect them from another massacre. Even the local police and FBI investigators have ignored mass murderers like Cruz and others, who have had numerous complaints against them by neighbors and social media contacts.  There is no excuse for this incompetence, other than the unthinkable, which is the local, state, and federal governments were all in collusion, to ignore the obvious threats and warnings, to wait for another horrific massacre of children in their communities, to empower the gun ban movement, or to create greater fear of domestic terrorism in our children and adults ,who will plead for greater protection by their government until they are completely controlled in a police state, micro chipped and automated with mind control implants.  As insane as this sounds, it is happening now.

Every young Americans still in school and college must stand up and fight as their grand parents did in the 1960s and 1970s, when their anger and anarchy took to the streets of cities throughout the country in protest of the corrupt and warring government that was sending American young men and women to their deaths in foreign wars for no reason other than corporate greed and immoral and incompetent government.  Today gun lobbyists and their paid off minions in government are pleading the Second Amendment Right to bear arms as the reason they are allowing American children to be slaughtered at record rates .

Unless permanent and meaningful gun controls are implemented in the U.S more mass shootings will occur, as social media and network news media give fame and followers to the mentally disturbed mass murderers smoldering on the internet. These murderous maniacs will not be controlled or contained. School Zones and No Gun Zones are a complete farce, since obviously no one enforces them. Those who have been and still are in danger of mass murderers are the faculty, staff and children of elementary and high schools, and colleges. Perhaps only a complete protest and take over of the Washington D.C Capital Building by the American people , while Congress is in session, would be the only way to force Congress and the President to save Americans and their children from bloody massacres and inevitable extinction.



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