Jan 12 2018

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Ralph Nader Presidential Campaign Speech On August 23 1997 Filmed And Directed By Joe Besade

August 1997 ralph nader campaign speech New london,ct Joe Besade

My old friend Joe Besade filmed this Ralph Nader Speech in New London Ct. on August, 23 1997. Joe was featured in the Connecticut Coalition Against Millstone Documentary uploaded on this channel.

Ralph Nader’s statements, policies and predictions were accurate, and enhanced into a national voice and audience in Nader’s 2000 presidential campaign. This is the only known copy of this speech, and I thanked Joe Besade for filming it, the microphone and pickup truck used by Nader in the speech were Joe’s . I present the speech here unedited in his memory. Joe passed away in 2003 one year after we aired the Connecticut Coalition Against Millstone documentary, which he was prominently featured in and is uploaded on this channel.


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