Jan 01 2018

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2002 WQQQ103.3 fm Radio Station Christmas Party & The First Public Announcement of The L A Steel Radio Show.

This early episode of our television series is introducing the WQQQ103.3fm radio station, its owner and staff, and announcing the new home for the L.A.Steel Liberal Talk Radio Show. We were one of the very few liberal talk shows in the nation on commercial radio in 2003, speaking out against the G.W Bush stolen election in 2000 and in 2004, and the neoconservative control of the media, that flooded the airwaves with calls for war against Afghanistan and Iraq, and ignored all the international courts, who indicted Bush for war crimes, and denied the national conspiracies of the G.W Bush government.

The country was brought to war by lies. We were grateful to Dennis Jackson the station owner, and Joe Loverro the Station Manager, to take a chance with us. We survived and thrived as one of the highest rated radio shows in our market area for 8 years. We began on air one year before AIR AMERICA in the New York and Connecticut Market and lasted one year longer then AIR AMERICA. The station was leased to NPR in 2011, and has broadcasted NPR since. Leila and I will always be thankful for the station’s support, allowing our liberal message of protest, and controversial, alternative news and interviews with nationally famous activists, politicians, authors and journalists . This program is a tribute to the integrity and courage of the station management, that stood with us against all of our local, state, and national critics, who wanted to silence us. Thank you Dennis and Joe. It was a historical victory for us and everyone who believes in Freedom of Speech.

My first 8 years on radio with WQQQ103.FM was the source of inspiration for compiling the documentation of over 5000 archived on paper, news articles, essays, and books, and hundreds of our recorded radio and television programs regarding the most important political and social issues and people of the first decade of the 21st Century from 2000 to 2009. My radio and television programs gave me the experience and knowledge I needed to create my 365 page book, “Naked at the Mic / The Survival of a Liberal in a Time of Peril.” Published in 2010 and still available on Amazon.com in paperback and digital format.





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