Dec 08 2017

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Israel will be destroyed within the next 12 months by invasion and massive annihilation. America will be at war with North Korea and all Muslim nations. Donald Trump will resign or die due to suffering a massive stroke, leaving him unable to speak or walk. Mueller’s investigation will indict all adult members of Trump’s family and all members of his Administration including Mike Pence

The Republican tax bill will be defeated or repealed in 2018 as well as all Trump / Republican initiatives in the House and Senate. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell will be defeated and arrested for treason and corruption. The U.S will spin into violent revolution against the white nationalists, corporate fascists, and leaders of neoconservative political parties will be harassed, physically beaten and murdered by mass riots.

The world will be in revolution against the international banking system, and all world wide genocidal corporations of big oil, big agriculture, big mining and arms, will be destroyed. All genocidal and apartheid governments will be brought down and their leaders imprisoned or assassinated. Americans will withdraw troops from all illegal military interventions and dismantle the CIA.    All domestic and foreign Billionaires’s wealth will be confiscated and redistributed to every poor, working class and middle class  American, and distributed as aid to all third world countries, bypassing their corrupt leadership and granted directly to Aid and Health NGOs. All U.S and world weapons dealers and manufactures will be severely sanctioned and prevented from selling arms outside of their own countries.

A violent revolution unlike any the world has witnessed will sweep the nations of the world, as warring factions in every area will plummet their nations into civil wars. 2018 will begin the new world sea change to end globalist financial and  corporate tyranny.  These changes are inevitable as the U.S and Israel will be alienated from the rest of the nations of the world, left without allies and eventually facing economic disaster and possible invasion and nuclear attack.   Weather factors of floods, earthquakes and fires , will continue around the world and in the U.S, as was predicted in the Book of Revelation. By Fukashima preparing to dump one million gallons of highly radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean will cause the one third of the world ocean water to become contaminated and die, as prophesied in The Book of Revelation. ” “The opening of  the Seventh Seal will destroy one third of the world’s oceans.” Nuclear fallout from nuclear war will cover the earth,  destroying forests, water, wildlife,human life and agriculture throughout the world.

L.A. Steel


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