Nov 28 2017

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Trump Is The Ultimate Racist President May His Tax Bill Go Down In Flames And His Presidency

trump's america 2017

I am absolutely convinced Donald Trump is completely unfit for office, and a Alt Right, Fascist White Supremacist Racist, as are all Republicans now in Congress. The Democrats are inept , cowards , compromised by their own criminal activities and and unable and unwilling to fight the Fascist take over of the U.S. They have no back bone to stand up against these horrid racists trying to destroy the lives and health of millions of Americans. Republicans and Democrats  will not provide an economy or a country that will allow working classes a livable wage, while giving tax and income breaks to the top one percent of the population.  Little is mentioned about the growing homeless population in the U.S. We hear about the low unemployment , but not that those jobs are real or can be filled by the current levels of educated and trained workers in the U.S. Unions are being broken, education is being destroyed, debt is crippling college students, yet Trump has threatened to end student loans, and allow vulture creditors to destroy people financially, refusing to allow bankruptcy for student debt. Unless All intelligent Americans fight back against Trump and the Republican and Democratic death hold they have over us, we will never be free of their two party tyranny.

I have never felt as betrayed by anyone in politics as I have by Donald Trump and his band of brain dead , cruel and inhumane administration, and the heartless, racist, sociopathic Republican Majority in Congress. These criminals should all be incarcerated , but no one in Government has the authority or the courage to go after them all. Mueller might be taking a baseball bat to Trump and his hordes of sick and inept appointees, but even Mueller isn’t working fast enough to save the country from inevitable destruction by Trump. If Satan exists on earth he is reincarnated in Donald Trump. He is a horrid frightening embodiment of demonic possession, set on destroying America, and setting fire to the world. No other leader of any country except North Korea insists on building up their nuclear stock pile. Trump is a clear and imminent danger to America and the rest of the world. For Chinese and Russian leaders so willing to shake Trump’s hand and kiss his ass, while he continues to insult them and raise nuclear war tensions around the world, is proof that either Trump is insane , or all leaders of these super powers are insane as well, or Trump has sold out the U.S to Russia and China, for financial support for his struggling real estate empire.

I once believed a shake up of the U.S government by an Independent Presidential Candidate , would be a good thing,  I and 62 million voting Americans could not allow Hillary and Bill Clinton’s corrupt, sick, criminal enterprise to have any control over the U.S Government. Under Clinton control of the Democratic Party, they were able to demonize and destroy all Democratic hopefuls , by epitomizing the hypocrisy of the entire Democrat Party, leaving the political prostitutes of Pelosi and Shumer, in leadership of the party. They led the party to its ruin, and are making sure they ride the flaming, falling dragon of failed Democrat policies and sold out alliances to corporate and billionaire donors.  It’s all over . There is no resistance to stop the selling out of America by its treasonous leaders.  Americans must see 2018 as their only opportunity to destroy Trump and the current Congress, and bring America back to the American people. Democrats and Republicans have proven they are unable and unwilling to impeach Trump and stop the nightmare being imposed by the current Republicans in power. It must be stopped but, who will stop it?  I believe only a nationwide and world wide effort can stop this ongoing nightmare of national and world destruction launched by Trump and the Republican held Congress.



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