Nov 11 2017

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Donald Trump has one ability and only one, that is to cause chaos and anger around the world and in his own country. He runs his companies and this country the same way. If anyone heard his sickening speeches only someone with a 75 IQ could have written or appreciate. It has the slurpy syntax of a bad novel. He insults every country, and delivers the most embarrassing dysfunctional speeches any American president has ever spoken. I am certain Bannon or Miller or both were involved with the speech writing . It reeks of Bannon and Miller’s bad writing, nationalistic lingo and bullshit bravado, that is Trump’s signature style.

God forbid that Trump remains president until the end of 2017. Pence is just as bad, but if Trump is impeached and indicted Pence might follow him. No one in the Trump Administration can be spared, since they are all treasonous collaborators in the Russian Conspiracy. The only reason Trump went to Asia was to escape Washington D.C and distract the media from Mueller’s on going investigation, that is getting closer and closer to indicting Trump. Trump also wants to stir up trouble with our Asian allies and secretly meet his good buddy Vlad Putin. Did anyone notice their big smiles and handshakes in recent main stream news coverage of Trump’s Asian trip, while he and Vlad were wearing blue silk pajama tops ? They weren’t the kind of smiles and happy handshakes anyone would expect from arch enemies. No, good old Vlad Putin, loves and admires Donald Trump, they are both buddies and autocrats, as well as partners in Trump’s business ventures and Rex Tillerson’s businesses.

Trump’s long time security guard, who recently left the Trump Administration, was with Trump in Russia during the Miss Universe contest in 2013 and recently stated to investigators, the Russians had offered Trump 5 prostitutes. He said he laughed off the offer but didn’t tell Trump , but he didn’t know if Trump took them up on their offer, which is how the Russian Pee Dossier was disclosed , during the election. That dossier stated how Trump had at least one Russian prostitute urinate on the bed that Michelle and Barack Obama slept in during their Russian visit.

Donald Trump is a massive hemorrhage of Presidential Insanity.  His crude arrogance and psychopathic ability to lie and deceive in every statement he makes is the most bizarre display of conscious deception against any and all the criminal and treasonous actions he has committed, before , during and after his election. Trump is finished, his ratings are lower than any president in history for his first year in office. He and his entire staff are under FBI investigation for Obstruction of Justice, Treason , and money laundering , and the Trump criminal enterprise. His entire family except his grand children are being investigated and may be indicted as well. His Son In Law Jared Kushner is being investigated for Money Laundering and the many health and building code violations of several of his New York buildings.

It’s all dirt,and now we find Rex Tillerson is trying to destroy the State Dept, by eliminating over a thousand State Dept . jobs, to grant himself and Trump full autocratic control over foreign affairs and diplomacy. Jeff Sessions has created a Dept of Terror instead of a Dept. of Justice, his cruel and stupid arrogance and bigotry are creating an oppressive law enforcement and police state. His massive crackdown on drug related crimes and deportation of long established and responsible immigrants are devastating innocent lives. If¬†Congress allows all of this to happen without a major fight , then there is no longer any hope or semblance of Democracy left in the U.S except, mass protests and revolution.

L.A. Steel

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