Nov 02 2017

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Lost Desire

lost desire 2017

How horrible  to all who wish to live,

when the loss of all desire reaches into our souls,

we can not deny its power, or our weakness to resist.

It over shadowed someone today,

a helpless young woman left delirious in her final hours

fighting the demons of hopelessness ravaging her

deteriorating mind and body.

What was left for her in the final days of increasing

delirium of rage and fear against life, and her lost

dream of hope?

I am sorry for all, who never new the fulfillment of

desire in any context of success, constantly fighting

chronic pain, only to be relieved by drugs,

until the poisons ravaged her mind and body.

She was a young woman who died today.

I am sorry, heart sick and bewildered, at how quickly

she passed away, under hospital sedation lying on her back in panic,

in fear she was unable to pay the bill for her care, her rent past due,

her boyfriend facing prison soon, no car,

no parental love, no one to come to her aid.

Good bye dear woman,who died by fear

of her remaining life.

May she find the rest, calm and peace her soul could not

find in life.  May her Creator take her in his care, and

allow her spirit to live fulfilled forever.



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