Feb 01 2008

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It was apparent in last night’s Democratic debate, that one or the other candidates Hillary, or Obama was going to be the next President of the United States. Which one will supposedly depend on the results of next Super Tuesday. It’s a personality contest now. Globalists R Us. No matter how you cut it . John McCain is one of them also.

It isn’t too difficult to imagine the U.S under a Democrat controlled Congress and President. We have had it before and little was done. We’ve had a Republican Congress, and Democratic President, and somethings were done, but the Republican Congress wound up impeaching the Democratic President and most of anything good that was accomplished by the Democratic President was dismantled and destroyed by a newly elected Republican President and Republican Congress. Now the pendulum has swung back to the left. I predicted it five years ago, when I started my liberal talk radio show. In 2006 I began a political swing toward the middle as I tried to understand my own need for change, and present it to my audiences both the left and right side of the issues.

I’ve been on the air through three election cycles,2004,2006,2008. I’ve witnessed and fought in the war of right and left, and interviewed hundreds of activists, politicians, authors, journalists, and celebrities, who have spoken about all the corruption, cronism, corporate fascism, Anti Iraq Warisms, Peace activistisms, 911 conspiracy , environmentalism, liberalism and conservativism, religion and science, astrology, ufology, and the paranormal. We have done it all with very little applause or appreciation. I guess that’s what it’s all about. Kiss a Globalist and Zionist and the world is yours, tell the truth and be ignored, or worse. I’ve become use to being ignored. It’s all part of being an outspoken individual. The only sure thing I know is that some people have not ignored what I’ve said. Some people have actually taken what I’ve said a step further, and have become inspired to learn more, become activists, and become involved in the truth seeking process. They understand it can be a thankless job, however it isn’t for praise that we do it it’s for seeing the effect the light of truth has on other people, and knowing that you have passed on the torch of truth to others. The battle can be exhausting and exilerating. Our enemy is ignorance, and we are always on vigilant guard to alert others of it’s never ceasing advance.

I am not certain how much longer my radio program will be allowed to air on a commericial fm station. I like to think it will continue as long as I want it too. I like to believe that the U.S Government, will respect the dignity and address the plight of it’s own citizens. It will not if voices like mine, and others cease to be heard. Truth is the most powerful weapon of change. Truth , powered by a voice, powered by many voices, creates change. Five years ago, truth was unwelcomed, and insulted or ignored, but now because of people like myself, it has become accepted, and listened to. I have not changed my program. It is virtually the same as it was when I began. Perhaps a little more tempered in it’s use of the vernacular, however I believe it is more pointed, and possibly better in some areas. I no longer feel the urgent need to wake up the world with insults and my insistense. I know that I can only wake so many people , my reach is limited, my voice carries only so far, and has a set limit on it’s volume.

In 2004 I told my listeners to seriously consider their vote for president. Then it was John Kerry vs. George Bush. I disliked both candidates. I warned of the handwriting on the wall. I brought forward many voting experts and exposed all the voting fraudsters I could. After the Dem. Primaries the last man standing was John Kerry. I was sick at the thought of a G.W Bush win , in spite of my total dislike and distrust for John Kerry, which proved to be warranted. I told my listeners; that I would vote for Kerry, though I did so in protest. I could not do other wise knowing how horrid G.W Bush was. In the 2008 election cycle I will offer no praise or preference for any of the candidates. The choice of who would be President , was made long before the primaries began. The primaries, are just a political traveling circus, brought out every four years, to excite the public into believing they have a choice in the contest. The political candidates are the carnies running side shows, trying to make money by calling to the unsuspecting sucker, who is walking down the midway. The carnie candidate passes out flyers , waves a flag and banner, and calls out greetings to unsuspecting passerbys to come closer to their booths while the shills pick their pockets.


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