Jul 01 2017

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psycho joe and low I Q crazy mika 2017

Why is the media going bonkers over the latest Tweet from the Tweeter and Chief? The Scarborough Show never had great ratings until Trump put them on the map this week. Trump has said far worse about other men and women in the news media and other celebrities. Mika and Joe have attacked Trump constantly on their morning show, before and after his inauguration. Joe calls Trump “Crazy” and “psycho” and Mika calls him names all the time belittling Trump’s manhood and intelligence.  These two morning show morons seem to be very vulnerable as they hold hands, or something, under their desk on camera. Now that they are formally engaged to be married they can openly hold hands under their desk. Their news is not news worthy and since Mika’s Daddy ” Big Z” passed away the show has no clout anymore.

It is debatable if Trump would have attacked Mika as “Low IQ Crazy Mika” if her father was still calling the shots on foreign affairs. After this new bout of negative publicity for Mika and Joe, the end of their show may be near, as they fade away into their Honey Moon, and retire to a home for old network  anchormen and women, or do paid program commercials like Larry King, or sell their autobiography on QVC and the shopping networks.

I am personally immune to Trump’s tweets, and ignore most of them, but his tweet attack on Mika and Joe was a good one. I haven’t laughed at many of his tweets , but this one had me laughing for several days. From now on every time Mika’s face is on camera or in a photo everyone looking at her will wonder how much of her face is fixed or phoney. Maybe under all her makeup she really looks exactly like her father did, ( that could be frightening). Joe looks like he’s wearing a full hair piece or has a weave, and definitely has a weekly die job. Poor Mika would be all white hair if she didn’t use Lady Clairol Blonde regularly.

I think Trump won this latest public pissing match.  “Psycho Joe” and “Low IQ Crazy Mika” had their public insult coming and will keep crying about it, until their show is cancelled. The last few people who mocked Donald Trump’s hands and sanity, were “Little Marco”  “Lying Ted” “Crooked Hillary”, “Crazy Bernie”, “Low Energy Jeb” “Bleeding Megyn” “On his knees” Romney”,”No war hero” McCain, and many more lesser known celebrities and politicians.

Beware of Trump’s mighty tweets, as he continues to bash his critics. I’m looking forward to the G20 summit coming up this month in Europe. Trump’s welcoming committee will be incredible.  Europeans have some of the best protest signs and costumes.   I can imagine the names Trump will call the state leaders who criticize him , ” Mad Woman Merkel”, “Macadamia Nut Macron” “My Pal Putin”, “Tough Teresa” etc.  Mika and Joe should take their lumps and go home, and not play with Trump anymore, before he completely destroys them in a presidential tweet storm.

L.A. Steel


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