May 01 2017

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Trump’s First 100 Days

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trump on towerThe only accomplishment Trump has had in the last 100 days was that he was inaugurated, after that has been an abysmal record of failures. His healthcare bill, immigrant ban, 99% of his Cabinet appointments are horrible. His big new Tax Plan, cuts corporate taxes from 35% to 15%, and adds 1 trillion dollars to the new budget with an already 20 trillion dollar debt. His near war with No. Korea and his undeclared war and preemptive attack against Syria and Yemen are pure examples of a maniacal President.  His Treasury and financial advisers are all Goldman Sachs CEO’s, Hedge fund managers and crooks. His recent appointment to Labor Secretary is a former State’s Attorney who allowed Trump’s pedophile friend Jeff Epstein a get out of jail free pass, after his conviction for sex trafficking of minors. He did not have to register as a sex offender either.

Betsy DeVos Trump’s new Secretary of Education, has not been seen or heard from since she was confronted by protesters outside of a D.C High School and not allowed in. Trump’s two top advisers during his campaign in the first 60 days of his presidency Steve Bannon and Kelly Anne Conway have disappeared from the media cameras and have been replaced by Trump’s incompetent daughter Ivanka and her mute husband Jared Kushner as Trump’s top advisers.

Trump’s outright racism against indigenous Americans, as well as other legal and non legal minorities in America is seemingly without precedent in modern times, except for Andrew Jackson’s term and other early presidents who were slave owners, and Indian fighters during the westward expansion and Indian Wars.  Oddly enough Trump’s favorite president is Andrew Jackson. He commemorated his 250th birthday by placing a wreath on his grave site a month ago. The only achievement Trump has made, I believed at the time, was when Jeff Sessions was confirmed for Attorney General, however shortly after his confirmation he came out against Marijuana Legalization.  Rex Tillerson was a great disappointment for Sec. of State. A globalist “Friend of Russia” CEO of Exxon Mobil cuts 3600 State Dept. Jobs, and threatens Russia , North Korea, Syria and China with war.  I can not name one decent , economically responsible, or compassionate action, Trump has taken since he took office. Slashing the EPA and State Dept budgets and staff by 30% and increasing military spending by an additional 54 billion, and promised to increase it even more in years to come to rebuild our National Defense.  His infrastructure bill has not passed, nor has his bill to build a border wall between Mexico, and all funding for it has been stripped from the new budget with Congressional threats to shut down the government if Trump does not withdraw the bill from the budget.    His biggest campaign promises have been nullified and withdrawn by him. Arresting Hillary Clinton, building a border wall, and non funding of Sanctuary Cities, as well as bringing back jobs to America, yet not withdrawing or renegotiating NAFTA, to his credit he did back out of the TPP.

Trump’s national media poll numbers and approval ratings are at 40% or less. Only G.W. Bush had a worse approval rating when he took office in 2001, by Supreme Court Decision.  I did not vote for Trump, and never would knowing him as I do now. But my vote would have never gone to Hillary Clinton either, and anyone still kneeling at the feet of Benedict Bernie Sanders, the great traitor, is simply foolish. Bernie never expected to win, nor did he ever expect to raise $220 million dollars during his campaign. He spent $120 million and had $100 million left, which he was allowed to keep. He has not given any to the Democrat Party, nor has he released his Email and voter contact list to the DNC.  Bernie became a millionaire for the first time in his life. He was a self proclaimed socialist and former communist, and an Independent, not a Democrat. His entire campaign was a farce, and he walked away with $100 million dollars in his pockets of poor people’s donations, who believed in him. Bernie Sanders is a liar, and someone who I would never trust anything he says or does. He’s a political , globalist, beggar, and devoted servant to Mammon. He will do nothing to save anyone but himself. He’s proven that already.

It is time to take stock in what is really happening to the country under Trump rule. He is the “Great Deceiver”. He’s finding that he is incapable of the job of President, in his own words in a recent CBS interview he confessed, ” I didn’t think this job was so hard, and wasn’t ready for it.”  I don’t expect Trump to last the year without Impeachment proceedings against him, once his Tax Returns are seen, and once everything falls down around him, as he enters the U.S into some other major war , to detract the public from his illegal family fortune, and his crumbling administration.


L.A. Steel



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