Apr 18 2017

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Google Censorship of Info Wars, Natural News, L.A.Steel Show and More


The entire internet is censored by so many servers, governments, corporations and main stream media, that any controversial website is now censored for a myriad of political and economic reasons. As of June of 2016 I was receiving upwards of 3 million visits per month for over an entire year of verifiable statistics.  June 1st of 2016 six days before Super Tuesday Primaries Google enacted its major censorship to all political articles that were negative Hillary Clinton and Democrats. Obviously the founders of Google publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton, and rendered all attack articles against Clinton, removed from Google Search. Within that day until now my website has seen a 90% drop in traffic, however I still receive regular readers from over 150 countries per month from other search engines. In the beginning of May of 2016 I had over 149,000 results on Google Search, and 10 first pages of results under lasteelshow.org by June, all results on Google had been reduced to 2900 with no anti Hillary articles posted on my site were mentioned in Google Search. At that time Natural News .com and Info Wars.com both announced massive drops in their Google Search results , similar to my own.

I cannot speak for all bloggers and website/talk show producers and hosts , however unless you are Pro-Democrat, Pro Hillary, Pro Globalism, you are suffering under severe censorship, in a country that holds free speech as the First Constitutional Freedom protected by law.  It’s time for a serious change. I and all others are free to say what we want , but we are no longer allowed to be heard by the millions of listeners and readers who once followed us.  I am grateful to all who have direct linked my site, and bypass Google’s Search engines, others such as Yahoo, Majestic and Spidu have been less censored though they cater to a greater international audience. My international audience creates over half of my overall traffic, and I thank them for their continued interest in my work. I am grateful to see that my world audience has more freedom to see my work than many Americans who seek free and unrestricted writing and radio reports of American and international issues.




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