Apr 12 2017

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Eric Trump said his sister Ivanka,is his father’s greatest weakness. it appears that Donald Trump is a pussy whipped punk with a leash around his neck, taking orders from his daughter Ivanka to destroy Syria, and North Korea. “Yeah, Daddy that was fun.” was heard coming from the Oval Office during the Syrian Missile attack. Perfume and Fashion entrepreneur Ivanka Trump is the most powerful woman in the world today with Daddy Donald as her dotting  father.   The thought of a perfume pushing fashion model being the Presidential Top Adviser is beyond the pale of reason, however since the “great  generals” seem to do her bidding and enjoy the whiff of her perfume she gave their wives, all the “great” neocon war mongers are pussy whipped as well.

Steve Bannon must be having a meltdown.  I agreed with his new name for Jared Kushner, Ivanka’s husband and another top adviser to his Father in Law. “Cuckservative” is the new term coined by Bannon to describe Kushner. Its meaning signifies a Cuckold husband, but so is Trump a Cuckold husband. Melenia and Ivanka have more nude and seductive pictures on the internet and in magazines rivaling any actress, super model or playmate in history.  Trump’s pussy grabbing comment was one of his most revealing. We have to wonder what Ivanka thought of that remark and if she considered it normal for her father, as if it were something he regularly does or did.  I sense something very wrong with this presidential family relationship, when his oldest daughter can control him so completely, simply by sitting on his lap. Also that his neophyte son in law has so much power and authority in influencing his father in law.

Trump said in a recent New York Post interview lessening Bannon’s role in the White House stating: ” Bannon began advising him at the end of his campaign.” Bannon and Kelly Anne Conway won the election for Trump. He would never have won with out Bannon’s followers and KellyAnne’s charm. Now that the media has managed to destroy them both, Trump is clinging to his daughter and son in law for desperate advice.  Trump is a blatant egotist. Anything or anyone around him who diminishes the glow of his popularity, must leave  him, regardless of their invaluable advice. Trump is not loyal, nor is he capable of loyalty. He loves himself and has a desperate need for his daughter’s adulation and incompetent advice. It is a sad situation Americans now face, seeing the President of the U.S as he really is, a completely pussy whipped punk, totally controlled by his 30 Something year old perfume selling, fashion designer daughter, who is actually running the Trump administration, and convinced her father to bomb Syria and go to war with No.Korea, Russia and China.

Ivanka’s new line of gender busting fashions are about to be released this Spring, the Red Tie,White Shirt, Navy Blue Suit Jacket, no pants or skirt, only black or white lace panties (briefs or boxers are optional).  Poor Steve Bannon is the only man in the Trump administration with a set of balls, and unfortunately that is something Trump and his  eunuch dominated administration can’t stand.

L.A. Steel


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